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  • Zc77st302?file=thumbnail
    Phillips, Vivien Johnette
    Young children between the ages of 20 and 40 months were rated by their mother on their attachment to a blanket and randomly assigned to groups with or without their blanket present. Children were prompted by a stranger to participate in a novel learn . . .
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    Danziger, Elise Lee
    The present study sought to examine the effect of self-esteem on helping in a situation where the dependency helping situation was varied. After taking the Janis-Field Feelings of Inadequacy Scale and the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale, subj . . .
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    White, Kristine Ann
    This study explored the relationship of field-dependence and independence to the block play process in four year-old boys and girls. Field-dependence/independence was evaluated through the Preschool Embedded Figures Test. The Bender Gestalt was used a . . .
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    Childress, Craig
    This study explored the implications for a cognitive theory of depression derived from research using the Velten Mood Induction Procedure (VMIP). The VMIP (Velten, 1968) was developed to induce depressed, elated and neutral moods in subjects who read . . .