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    Cavazos, Heather
    My photographs blur ordinary moments I experience with my family to emphasize the brevity of time together. When I was younger, I wanted to fast forward my life; but now that I’m an adult with a family of my own, I have experienced how quickly time pa . . .
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    Johnson, Alex
    Only What Does Not Cease is a sardonic and childlike exploration of memory and abandonment using a vomitous neon color palette, the 8-bit graphics of a Nintendo Entertainment System, and creatures that should not be. The work calls out to He-Man and t . . .
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    Gebbie, Kaitlin
    By law, educators are required to collect and analyze data on student academic and behavioral performance. Effective progress monitoring of student achievement toward goals results in improved instructional strategies and educational programs. However . . .
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    Ginez, Gabriel
    This Master of Arts in Education Project is a Secondary Digital Storytelling Curriculum Unit. The literature reviewed for this project included Digital Storytelling for Student Engagement, Digital Storytelling for Academic Growth, and Best Practices f . . .
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    Altstatt, Phillip Alexander
    Setting out to interpret the world through a series of artworks can be a daunting task. On the surface it appears to be little more than a series of landscape paintings and still life sculptures. Yet, when one digs deeper and attempts to represent the . . .
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    Connelly, Anya Hannahlore
    In the spring of the 2016 academic year, I conducted a mixed-method study that examined the pedagogical advantages of using both print-based and Google Docs during Writers’ Workshops. The participants of the study were twenty-nine students enrolled in . . .