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    Boyle, Olyn Gene
    This paper presents a method for determining the optimum sampling weights for finite impulse response (FIR) digital filters. The filter design begins with selecting a desired frequency response of an analog filter. The optimization technique then mini . . .
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    Paige, Alan Dwight
    The problem of designing a finite impulse response (FIR) digital filter to approximate a desired spectral response is presented. The FIR filter is used as a structure to provide a minimal maximal (MINIMAX) error estimate of an energy bounded band limi . . .
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    Haque, Mohamad Azizul
    In digital signal processing, quantization is one of the main problems in implementing digital filters. This quantization generates different kind of errors in the frequency response of the filters. In this project all three possible types of quantiza . . .
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    Bowers, Patrick Joseph
    An approach to implement an undergraduate digital filter study is presented that requires a minimum of cost and build-up time to an Electrical Engineering facility. The hardware suggested, uses parallel processing and serial two’s-complement arithmeti . . .
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    Souchet, Luis Antonio
    This report fully describes a data acquisition system built as a graduate project. The system is primarily intended for digital audio applications and has a nominal sampling rate of 50 kHz. The system is built on three boards, each board is independen . . .