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    Yang, Wei-Chun
    THE LOTTERY IS A SHORT NARRATIVE FILM CONSISTING OF THREE segments delineating the misconceptions that many new immigrants from Taiwan hold about living in the U.S. The subject matter of these three segments included in this film is respectively: heal . . .
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    Kellis, Melody T.
    In 2003 I came home to the United States after living in Europe for almost eight years. The week of my return was also the week that Colin Powell made his presentation to the United Nations regarding the American "proof' for war against Iraq. As I lef . . .
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    Hocking, Sheldon M.
    Today is difficult, there really aren't many things left that seem to be pure. I think love is pure. I think art is pure. And magic. Magic is everything we don't know ... Fritz Scholderl I have long been fascinated by the magic and power of objects an . . .
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    Schuylar, Regan
    Recently my work has moved from a lighter view of people in their daily encounters to an examination of people foundering in the ruins of their lives in homes built on shifting sands. As politics vacillate and our foundations quake, many cannot swim o . . .
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    Khadem, Zahire
    My thesis exhibition, The Body: A Grotesque Discombobulation, deals with issues of the human condition. In my mixed media drawings I depict fragmented and damaged bodies or body parts to explore physical and psychological disintegration. By abstractin . . .
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    Fabian, Mitra
    My creative instinct lies in capturing moments of mortality. I transform these moments into visceral embodiments that reveal some sort of physical and spiritual distress, mingling science with sentiment. The instances of metamorphosis I create tread a . . .
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    Brennfleck, Lynda Joyce
    The primary objective in this project is to develop a clear background and establish a beginning foundation for understanding the complete process in the production of a child's picture book. My long term goal is to ultimately become published and rec . . .
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    Blumenkrantz, David
    This paper outlines an Art Education curriculum designed for and implemented with a group of elementary school-aged children. The project, which took place over a two-year period, emphasized the integration of various standards-based subject areas, in . . .
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    Phillips, Nancy
    Processes have always fascinated me. From the mystery of how the Incas erected those infinitely precise stone walls of Machu Picchu to the freedom and directness with which Morris Louis poured his acrylic washes. As a young girl I brought home reprodu . . .
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    Chitilian-Tchalian, Adriana
    Depictions of the femme fatale, the dangerous and seductive woman, have been around for centuries. Various artistic versions of her since the second millennium, such as those of the goddess Astarte and the biblical Salome, represent her as at once bea . . .
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    Harris, Patricia J.
    Human emotions are never more poignantly expressed than in the face and body language of a child at play. The emotions run the gamut of sensations; one sees ecstasy, frustration, concentration, disappointment, but most of all the pure excitement of in . . .
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    Gilbertson, Max L.
    In the last century photography has been recognized as a media for recording visual stimuli. Photographers such as M. Brady (11), T. O'Sullivan (12), and D. Hill (17) have concentrated on taking pictures of social events or natural phenomenon. More re . . .
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    Hattier, Charlene
    Abstract Art as a Tool for Communication: The Importance of Social Justice Art Curriculum By Charlene Hattier Master of Art in Art, Art Education The general question to be investigated is, “How do educators address difficult, controversial topics of . . .
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    Escalante, Danny
    Personal mythology perceived through adolescent desire, and quotidian events inform my work. Through a variety of media, I explore themes of mark making, identity and environment. By dissecting and reassembling the elements that comprise a painting in . . .
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    Karr, Crystal
    This document is about my transformative teaching experience. Through my own teaching and research I have discovered that art becomes more meaningful when it contains both technique and content. I found that students become more engaged when the art c . . .
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    Abers, Marilyn
    Burdens and supports is the beginning idea--amorphous organs of clay, bound, supported and pierced by ribbons of steel. The clay reacts to the steel which is constructed first, like the feminine dancer following the masculine lead. The clay harmonizes . . .
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    Costa, Geneva
    My work explores the relationship between the female body and contemporary cultural, political, and societal manifestations of gender. Autobiographical in their genesis, these representational paintings use allegory to illustrate my experience as an A . . .
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    Gilliland-Swetland, Tanner
    At the core of my work is the question, what constitutes a community? My interdisciplinary practice, centered around three-dimensional object making, often uses forms that reference minimalism, urban design, and do-it-yourself construction. I am inter . . .
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    Arthur, Michael Douglas
    The camera is one of the most precise instruments available to the artist for visual expression. Together with the artist's good sense for composition, the camera lens format helps in the elimination of distracting elements in the environment. By its . . .
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    Kern, Peggy Kroto
    The purpose of this study was to research art experiences of an expressive nature appropriate for the mentally retarded child at the elementary school level. The research was conducted in a public elementary school for trainably retarded children and . . .
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    Burt, Donna
    The four series presented in this abstract represent the development of a simple idea, that of a landscape etching, into a technically complex serial image expressing some of the many changes which constantly occur to the landscape. Through a combinat . . .
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    Gottlieb, Joyce R.
    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the survival and celebration of the classical myth of Phaëthon in the visual arts of sixteenth-century Italy, with particular attention to the meaning and function of this myth for patron and artist. The ear . . .
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    Jones, Bonnie Lynne
    The "Egg and Rope Series" evolved as a synthesis of ideas, conscious and unconscious, molded into an expression through a conceptual and physical act, involving materials, space and time. My intention was to utilize two seemingly unrelated objects, th . . .
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    Hannah, Gerald D.
    In searching for a subject that would be both stimulating in appearance and provocative in imaginative response, I selected the Carrousel. In justifying this choice one could reflect on the romantic vision of a baroque menagerie frozen in an eternal p . . .
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    Evans, Joan Linda
    Art education has had a low priority in elementary school curriculums. The average elementary classroom teacher's lack of training and experience in art education causes dependence on stereotype approaches, dittos, copying, and tracing in place of ori . . .
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    Trethewey, Mary Richardson
    I have chosen to work with clay and metal to fulfill a dream of warmth, grace, and simplicity which speaks to primary human emotions and reinforces that which we have in common with one another. Paradoxically, I have been conditioned by a highly speci . . .
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    Smith, Richard Michael
  • N583xz92d?file=thumbnail
    Mendez, Xavier R.
    The study of the world forces me to realize that our common language is not only inaccurate, but totally inadequate to describe reality. The illusion lies in our point of view if we think that shapes and structures, things and events around us are rea . . .
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    Ornitz, Marguerite
    PREFACE The continuum of time has been a constant preoccupation of humankind. The opening verse of Ecclesiastes reads: The earth abideth forever; and there is no new thing under the sun. Aristotle writes: Since the "now" is an end and a beginning of t . . .
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    Castillo, Katrina
    My work is inspired by personal observations and experience. I am interested in how people choose to express and present themselves to others, either through clothing, things they collect or how they choose to display their home. Shelter culture also . . .
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    Sixbey, Michael C.
    It seems to me there are two basic categories into which one could place information on craftsmen or artists: philosophy and technique. And so, perhaps I should divide this abstract into, first, a statement on my philosophy, and second, a statement on . . .
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    Gerber, Elizabeth Leighton
    My thesis project, LA: Observing the Urban - Rural, is a series of monuments I have installed in various locations throughout Los Angeles County, in particular sites where urban and rural environments meet. While each monument varies depending on the . . .
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    Cortez, Beatriz
    My work explores the human condition at the intersection of issues such as war and immigration, where race, class, ethnicity, and culture contribute to the complex portrayal of human experience. As human beings we are vulnerable to the violence that w . . .
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    Golchin, Frough
    The labors of vision create the view of a world in which persistence and change act as eternal antagonists. Changes are perceived as mere accidentals of underlying persistent identity, but perception also reveals constancy as the shortsighted look of . . .
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    Mattis, Nadia
    When photographing, I am drawn to abandoned places, and I make a variety of photographs at each site. Like the medium of photography, which documents subjects that no longer exist, the remnants of these once populated, vital spaces acknowledge a simil . . .
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    Genovese, Maria
    The intention of this project was to research and compile, information about innovative tour programs for children, including the author's own museum experience working in an Art Gallery which uses innovative touring methods. The author participated i . . .
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    Brown, Marion Louise
    Metal is not a spontaneous medium. Creating a form is a cooperative venture between the artist and the material. It requires time, much planning, patience and sensitivity to the response of the metal to the touch of the tool. With the complementary te . . .
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    Gawalis, Nichole
    My photographic practice embodies the concept of the flâneur. I seek out new but strangely familiar places and experiences, and this quietly adventurous mood informs the work. I am drawn to the narrative possibilities of photography and I use analogue . . .
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    Jones, Emily
    My mixed media paintings and sculptures draw on an archive of photographs, ephemera, and oral documentation inherited from my Midwestern family. My current body of work focuses on exploring specific memories from this history. Working with the archive . . .
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    Gilbertson, Max L.
    In the last century photography has been recognized as a media for recording visual stimuli. Photographers such as M. Brady (11), T. O'Sullivan (12), and D. Hill (17) have concentrated on taking pictures of social events or natural phenomenon. More re . . .
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    Kimble, Cythia Lee
    The romantic preoccupation with the ruin in the graphic arts can be traced back to its tentative beginnings at the end of the fifteenth century. In spite of the sixteenth century's emphasis on Renaissance perspective and exactitude, the growing intere . . .
  • Ww72bf819?file=thumbnail
    Deardorff, Dale Scott
    "Personal Expressions" is the culmination of approximately three years work and effort split between California State University, Northridge and Otis Parsons School of Design. As an artist I tend to appreciate the photographic image and chose long ago . . .
  • Bg257j84r?file=thumbnail
    Gibbs, Priscilla S.
    This thesis will trace the iconographic transformation of the mythological Greek poet and musician, Orpheus. As one of the most complex and versatile of the Greek mythological figures, Orpheus has been a favorite subject for both art and literature th . . .
  • 2b88qg73q?file=thumbnail
    Mealiffe, Karen Ring
    The Sea when viewed by the naked eye offers forth a grandeur that has tempted the creative instincts of many artists. That part of the sea visible under a microscope provides an additional realm of form, texture, and color largely unknown to most huma . . .
  • H989r707c?file=thumbnail
    George, Daniel
    My body of work deals with nostalgia for a bucolic upbringing by melding a fusion of past aesthetics and present experiences and techniques. Life is an adventurous journey that I am constantly amazed with and this work shows my pure inspiration for th . . .
  • 0v838396s?file=thumbnail
    Fischer, Rochelle
    The focus of this thesis is the relationship between Chicana/o Art and multicultural art education, which specifically addresses a growing Hispanic student population and evolving definitions of Chicana/o multicultural art and artists. The significanc . . .
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    Read, Jack A.
    Following the completion of my undergraduate work I spent I five years handcrafting jewelry, using the lost wax casting technique. My interest in sculpture resulted from the' dissatisfaction of working on a small scale. Because of the desire to work d . . .
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    Lucas, Ronald Dexter
    Have you ever, when in the process of working with clay, created a ball for wedging and then cut this ball in half with wire? Upon doing this, did you observe the beautiful relationship of the halves to each other, and the spherical shape of the plane . . .
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    Starr, David Whelpley
    The hardware associated with aerospace equipment has been treated largely from an illustrative point of view by most artists. The unique environment in which this material functions suggests an entirely different type of portrayal which is neither abs . . .