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    Burt, Donna
    The four series presented in this abstract represent the development of a simple idea, that of a landscape etching, into a technically complex serial image expressing some of the many changes which constantly occur to the landscape. Through a combinat . . .
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    Gottlieb, Joyce R.
    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the survival and celebration of the classical myth of Phaëthon in the visual arts of sixteenth-century Italy, with particular attention to the meaning and function of this myth for patron and artist. The ear . . .
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    Jones, Bonnie Lynne
    The "Egg and Rope Series" evolved as a synthesis of ideas, conscious and unconscious, molded into an expression through a conceptual and physical act, involving materials, space and time. My intention was to utilize two seemingly unrelated objects, th . . .
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    Hannah, Gerald D.
    In searching for a subject that would be both stimulating in appearance and provocative in imaginative response, I selected the Carrousel. In justifying this choice one could reflect on the romantic vision of a baroque menagerie frozen in an eternal p . . .
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    Evans, Joan Linda
    Art education has had a low priority in elementary school curriculums. The average elementary classroom teacher's lack of training and experience in art education causes dependence on stereotype approaches, dittos, copying, and tracing in place of ori . . .
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    Trethewey, Mary Richardson
    I have chosen to work with clay and metal to fulfill a dream of warmth, grace, and simplicity which speaks to primary human emotions and reinforces that which we have in common with one another. Paradoxically, I have been conditioned by a highly speci . . .
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    Smith, Richard Michael
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    Mendez, Xavier R.
    The study of the world forces me to realize that our common language is not only inaccurate, but totally inadequate to describe reality. The illusion lies in our point of view if we think that shapes and structures, things and events around us are rea . . .
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    Ornitz, Marguerite
    PREFACE The continuum of time has been a constant preoccupation of humankind. The opening verse of Ecclesiastes reads: The earth abideth forever; and there is no new thing under the sun. Aristotle writes: Since the "now" is an end and a beginning of t . . .