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    Castillo, Katrina
    My work is inspired by personal observations and experience. I am interested in how people choose to express and present themselves to others, either through clothing, things they collect or how they choose to display their home. Shelter culture also . . .
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    Sixbey, Michael C.
    It seems to me there are two basic categories into which one could place information on craftsmen or artists: philosophy and technique. And so, perhaps I should divide this abstract into, first, a statement on my philosophy, and second, a statement on . . .
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    Gerber, Elizabeth Leighton
    My thesis project, LA: Observing the Urban - Rural, is a series of monuments I have installed in various locations throughout Los Angeles County, in particular sites where urban and rural environments meet. While each monument varies depending on the . . .
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    Cortez, Beatriz
    My work explores the human condition at the intersection of issues such as war and immigration, where race, class, ethnicity, and culture contribute to the complex portrayal of human experience. As human beings we are vulnerable to the violence that w . . .
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    Golchin, Frough
    The labors of vision create the view of a world in which persistence and change act as eternal antagonists. Changes are perceived as mere accidentals of underlying persistent identity, but perception also reveals constancy as the shortsighted look of . . .
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    Mattis, Nadia
    When photographing, I am drawn to abandoned places, and I make a variety of photographs at each site. Like the medium of photography, which documents subjects that no longer exist, the remnants of these once populated, vital spaces acknowledge a simil . . .
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    Genovese, Maria
    The intention of this project was to research and compile, information about innovative tour programs for children, including the author's own museum experience working in an Art Gallery which uses innovative touring methods. The author participated i . . .
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    Brown, Marion Louise
    Metal is not a spontaneous medium. Creating a form is a cooperative venture between the artist and the material. It requires time, much planning, patience and sensitivity to the response of the metal to the touch of the tool. With the complementary te . . .
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    Gawalis, Nichole
    My photographic practice embodies the concept of the flâneur. I seek out new but strangely familiar places and experiences, and this quietly adventurous mood informs the work. I am drawn to the narrative possibilities of photography and I use analogue . . .
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    Jones, Emily
    My mixed media paintings and sculptures draw on an archive of photographs, ephemera, and oral documentation inherited from my Midwestern family. My current body of work focuses on exploring specific memories from this history. Working with the archive . . .