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    Gilbertson, Max L.
    In the last century photography has been recognized as a media for recording visual stimuli. Photographers such as M. Brady (11), T. O'Sullivan (12), and D. Hill (17) have concentrated on taking pictures of social events or natural phenomenon. More re . . .
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    Kimble, Cythia Lee
    The romantic preoccupation with the ruin in the graphic arts can be traced back to its tentative beginnings at the end of the fifteenth century. In spite of the sixteenth century's emphasis on Renaissance perspective and exactitude, the growing intere . . .
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    Deardorff, Dale Scott
    "Personal Expressions" is the culmination of approximately three years work and effort split between California State University, Northridge and Otis Parsons School of Design. As an artist I tend to appreciate the photographic image and chose long ago . . .
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    Gibbs, Priscilla S.
    This thesis will trace the iconographic transformation of the mythological Greek poet and musician, Orpheus. As one of the most complex and versatile of the Greek mythological figures, Orpheus has been a favorite subject for both art and literature th . . .
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    Mealiffe, Karen Ring
    The Sea when viewed by the naked eye offers forth a grandeur that has tempted the creative instincts of many artists. That part of the sea visible under a microscope provides an additional realm of form, texture, and color largely unknown to most huma . . .
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    George, Daniel
    My body of work deals with nostalgia for a bucolic upbringing by melding a fusion of past aesthetics and present experiences and techniques. Life is an adventurous journey that I am constantly amazed with and this work shows my pure inspiration for th . . .
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    Fischer, Rochelle
    The focus of this thesis is the relationship between Chicana/o Art and multicultural art education, which specifically addresses a growing Hispanic student population and evolving definitions of Chicana/o multicultural art and artists. The significanc . . .
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    Read, Jack A.
    Following the completion of my undergraduate work I spent I five years handcrafting jewelry, using the lost wax casting technique. My interest in sculpture resulted from the' dissatisfaction of working on a small scale. Because of the desire to work d . . .
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    Lucas, Ronald Dexter
    Have you ever, when in the process of working with clay, created a ball for wedging and then cut this ball in half with wire? Upon doing this, did you observe the beautiful relationship of the halves to each other, and the spherical shape of the plane . . .
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    Starr, David Whelpley
    The hardware associated with aerospace equipment has been treated largely from an illustrative point of view by most artists. The unique environment in which this material functions suggests an entirely different type of portrayal which is neither abs . . .