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    Matheke, David
    The destructive, contemplative, and repetitive processes used to make my work examine struggles between death and preservation as well as acceptance and control, in an effort to establish a sense of permanence in a decaying body. Illness comprises muc . . .
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    Vas, Siglia
    Life is a tapestry of happenings; each moment or event is another stitch in the work of art. Every element around us contributes to our inner selves and enriches our soul. We flow through this tapestry as adventurous ribbons and absorb particular mood . . .
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    Portner, Dinah Berland
    The photograph is a two-dimensional vehicle for transporting the mind into three-dimensional space and back again. Through the photograph, I can gather, transmit and receive believable information about the physical world while simultaneously giving s . . .
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    Taylor, Andrea Blythe
    Conceptualism is the basic underlying theme in my work. Conceptualism is concerned with universals existing as realities in the mind only and that the mind can form an image corresponding to the general term for a particular concept, distinguished fro . . .
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    Privman, Susan Ellen
    To explain my work in written form, and disclose my principles, techniques, processes, and all that is involved in creating a sense of the enigmatic would be in opposition to my intent; not to mention the obvious, that the ability to express one's sel . . .
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    Smith, Beverly Elizabeth Boone
    While the art of the first half of the nineteenth century seems to center around history painting, artists were nonetheless producing works that could be financially beneficial to them. Although portraiture did not rank high on the academic scale, the . . .
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    Matloff, Linda Klein
    The purpose of this project was to survey and compile information about educational programs and resources for teachers and their students offered at Southern California area museums, galleries, and cultural centers. The guide was designed to facilita . . .
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    Woolsey, June Virginia
    “The modern artist’s social history is that of a spiritual being in a property-loving world. … It is true that we are constantly excommunicating each other. It is true that artists are not always pure, that sometimes they are concerned with their publ . . .
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    Gage, Bess Ruth
    The purpose of this study was to research the use of sprayed images in art in order to assess the present-day state of this art form, to explore the reasons today’s artists feel such a need to use spray in their work, all or in part: and to produce an . . .
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    Summers, Windi
    I would like to discuss a style of painting, which originated in Europe soon after World War II, that prevails among many abstract painters today. I include myself as one of these painters who have incorporated this type of aesthetic into their work. . . .