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    Macias, Ruben Martinez
    My work of " Color, Vibration, & Isolation " had a long evolution. My expression was influenced by my deep feeling through using oil and acrylic paint, gestures, and textures on canvas, and limiting the color to a predominance of ultramarine blue. My . . .
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    Mazariegos, Ariel
    In combination with selected, exhibited works, the accompanied writing seeks to acknowledge and deconstruct underpinnings of my collective body of work. With a strong sense of personal narrative, motives and influences are delineated. I attempt to est . . .
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    Lauletta, Patricia
    The autumn of my life brought a heightened perception of the ephemeral nature of time. Most people eagerly await the next milestone while growing up, chasing dreams, creating families, and watching children thrive. As my mother's memory fades, I feel . . .
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    Ordaz, Rafael
    I create art influenced by the decaying neighborhoods that surround me, from both literal and emotional perspectives. The work begins when I drive or walk around Los Angeles, seeking the details of visual dialogues on decaying walls, the marks on them . . .
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    Lopez- Sampieri, Rosario
    My mother's occupation as a cobbler is the subject of my photographs and sound art. In an effort to immerse my audience in the experiences of her work, the imagery emphasizes the importance of gesture and place while the sound captures the noises of h . . .
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    Smith, Richard Michael
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    Switzer, Irma
    The complexity and constant color change inherent in our environment is an endless source of wonder and inspiration to me. Many times the landscape and our atmosphere appear as a woven surface composed of melting layers of interrelated lines, shapes a . . .
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    Read, Margaret
    The photographs in the back of this book are selected from work completed during the last three years and represent my four woven series: fetish objects, geometric constructions, fiber sculpture and mandala tapestries. Although there are various conce . . .
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    Crowther, Brittany
    Found or altered domestic devices are the foundation of my interdisciplinary practice, including sculpture and photography. I am highly influenced by the body and the dialogue created when objects become ornaments, tools, or both. The manipulated item . . .