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    Sabet, Farnaz
    The art making process embodies the human spirit and becomes a metaphor for the self. The human spirit moves through transitions that are similar to the ceramic process. We shift and twist to accommodate our daily struggles. We have tenuous fragile mo . . .
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    Kato, Jun
    Water is, of course, a universal substance, and indeed, has been the subject of artistic depiction from time immemorial. Thus, it has been typically depicted two dimensionally in an impressionistic format, as for example waves shown in either geometri . . .
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    Lu, Yao
    Most people are busy with work and life, and don't have time to notice small details. American photographer Diane Arbus (1923-1971) said, "I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them." Her words resonate, as I use my . . .
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    Johnson, Jinel Liane
    Clay lends itself to my concerns. The imagery is sensual, tactile and sumptuous. When it is soft and pliable, then rolled into a slab, the clay's coolness and texture reminds one of skin, perhaps because it is easily ripped, torn, or cut into. Beating . . .
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    Kimm, Young C.
    My graduate studies in industrial design have broadened my field of knowledge regarding theoretical and conceptual aspects of the field - an area which was guided by the advanced instruction of our faculty. I believe that products of the future should . . .
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    Hoshina, Akimi
    My sculptures are products of my heritages' popular culture and ancient stories combined together to reveal the disconnect I feel from my roots. Japan's popular culture of animated cartoons and movies contain bits and pieces of its history and folklor . . .
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    Bonelli, Krista
    Time is expressed through both expansion and contraction in my work. In Quotidian, daily self-portraits are digitally assembled so that the layers are recognizable through subtle, partial visual cues, though the images become indistinct. Quotidian str . . .
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    Vandiver, Dorothy Schuman
    Several years ago, after visiting an exhibition of Larry Poons' paintings which featured numerous ellipses floating in space, I became fascinated with his work and reflected on how the tiny discs were reminiscent of light refractions on theatrical spa . . .
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    Perez-Adelman, Juanita
    Introduction The work presented here is a visual expression of my observation of forms being penetrated and transformed. The process of transformation is dialectical. Antagonistic, polar elements produce synthesis. This constitutes the inspiration fro . . .