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  • Tb09j929b?file=thumbnail
    Holtreman, Isabel
    Hostile Takeover: A Love Story is a romantic comedy about Frannie O'Riley, an overgrown tom boy who has trouble opening up her heart to love and romance. Frannie works in her father's construction company, a company that had once been successful but i . . .
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    Turturica, Dan Cristian
    This project explores the use of video testimony as anecdotal evidence in documenting the deportation to Siberia, between 1941 and 1950, of more than 100, 000 Romanians from the ex-soviet republic of Moldova. They were among the millions of inhabitant . . .
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    Shoresh, Merav Oren
    The Interactive Film Explorer ("IFE") is an interactive multimedia user friendly program, which incorporates a computer and a laser videodisc. It provides relevant information through various modes of instruction, such as text, graphics, animation, so . . .
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    Blackburn, Matthew Lee
    Innocence is a meshing of the action/adventure and relationship film which follows Hannah, a socially detached career minded woman, whose notorious cold streak comes to an end with the reunification with her mentally challenged twin sister Wendy who a . . .
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    Arevshatian, Zareh
    Since gaining independence from the former Soviet Union, Armenian cinema has launched a revolution in the way Armenians see themselves and the world around them. With the onset of glasnost, the movie cameras broke through the barriers of the Brezhnev . . .
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    Karol, Lawrence A.
    Ten years ago very few people had heard of a strange new life threatening condition known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Today there are few that would need an explanation or elaboration of its acronym, AIDS. Media coverage of AIDS was sporad . . .
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    Riley, Nancy Hendrickson
    Annie Mather isn't sure what to do with herself when her career as a cookbook editor abruptly comes to an end. Then an opportunity presents itself to star in a reality show for the Home and Family Network. Annie thinks it will give her more time with . . .
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    Castillo, Adrian
    Donny is a dark comedy of which a philosophy professor who is finishing his dissertation on freewill, determinism and karma. After an argument over his wife's affair, it leads to her death. Donny will soon be faced with all three philosophies, each pr . . .
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    Chu, Suming
    Believe Me is a fantasy drama about a 17 year old boy Michael, his soul transfers into his twin sister Emily's body in a car accident. But he still wants to help Amanda, the girl he likes to fulfill her last wishes. In the end, he sacrifices his life . . .
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    Puente, Jacob
    Scion, the daughter of an abusive tyrant leader, leaves home to join a rebellion formed by her father’s arch enemy. She soon finds that replacing one mad king for another is not an option and must take the survival of her people into her own hands.