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    Hashemi, Shahram
    This project addresses itself to the task of increasing the production capacity of TEXPRINT Fabric Dyeing Plant. Simulation of the current dyeing operation on digital computer has revealed TEXPRINT's weaknesses and hence, has provided a basis for a se . . .
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    Nelson, Kent
    A plan for developing and marketing a solar refrigeration system which is cost effective to the consumer and profitable to the manufacturer is presented here. The proposed system does not employ the commonly used photovoltaic energy source because of . . .
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    Meredith, Bruce Lee
    Two proposals for improving the productivity of a defense electronics firm's Receiving Inspection department are analyzed herein. Proposal one, described in section one, suggests eliminating inspection of hardware destined for programs which do not ha . . .
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    Tenopir, Tim John
    The MK 26 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS), specifically in the guide arm assemblies, possess design deficiencies which harbor and promote specific forms of corrosive attack. This study is focused on corrosion which occurs in the hydraulic acces . . .
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    Wahid, Nadeem
    The purpose of this project was to prepare a feasibility report on establishing a cotton weaving firm in the vicinity of Hyderabad, India. The capital available for investment was specified by the investor as two million Rupees, representing approxima . . .
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    Jamal, Aslam P.
    In this project, the productivity improvement study is done for the Hydro Systems, the bathtubs manufacturing company of Southern California. The objective of this study is to identify the opportunities so that the production capacity of the company c . . .
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    Tassa, Mordechai
    The strength integrity of a thin walled projectile which was designed to carry maximum cargo has been analyzed and verified based on the theories of plasticity. This report presents the design, the theory, the finite element modeling technique and the . . .
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    Shao, Shouliang
    Al-Li alloys K38, K39(300 °F), K39(365°F), 2090, 8090, and 8091 were tested in the form of polarization, scc, crevice corrosion, and pitting to evaluate the localized corrosion behavior. It was found that all the alloys tested are susceptible to inter . . .
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    Aujla, Rana M.S.
    The management's decision to upgrade the factory with new technology is considered. The need to redesign the existing machine shop layout, press shop layout, quality control room, assembly and test area, lab and clean area, and the shipping and receiv . . .
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    Heydar, Ahmad
    The response spectra analysis is the most common method of dynamic analysis of structures. It has affected the seismic design procedures prescribed by American building codes and is included in many of the earthquake related computer programs availabl . . .