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    Kirdey, Stanislav
    In this thesis project we look at ways to utilize neural networks and computational frameworks to perform automatic image and video colorization, with the focus on one kind of deep neural network architecture – pix2pix. The project is aimed at modelin . . .
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    Dunford, Stephen James
    Network Optimization for Beginners (NOB) is a Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) package of programs that utilizes graphics, graph theory and networking algorithms to demonstrate network optimization. NOB is designed to aid beginning or advanced student . . .
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    Lu, David
    In most games today there is some sort of artificial intelligence involved. Some of these artificial intelligent Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) [8] require memory structures to store locations of objects in their virtual environment. The type of memor . . .
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    Sia, Siew Don
    Energy harvesting is a technique to obtain energy directly from the environment to power devices. Solar radiation is one source of ambient energy that can be used for powering motes in distributed embedded sensor systems. In this thesis, I propose a n . . .
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    Baraghimian, Gregory Anthony, I.
    This report describes the design and implementation of a demonstration system called the SIMulation of Finite Automata and Regular Expression recognition (SIMFARE). This software system provides the user with a method of comparing Finite State Machine . . .
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    Duckworth, Ryan
    Designing, implementing, and testing different user interface (UI) design variants in a virtual reality application (VR), informs best practices regarding the VR space. While there exists some overlap with traditional UI design standards, the VR space . . .
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    Belchev, Stanimir Bogomilov
    Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) have become an indispensable tool for recognizing and responding to suspicious activities targeted at computing resources. They are responsible for analyzing the network traffic and identifying potentially malicious . . .
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    Haurat, Adrian
    This thesis introduces a web-based community engagement tool named "Helpfull". Helpfull connects people who need help to willing members of their community who can assist them through the use of targeted messaging. The app connects those in need of he . . .
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    Karandikar, Nikita
    This work is an implementation of the Christofides Algorithm for the travelling salesman problem in an application. Consider, a person running errands. If they go about it in an intuitive manner, it may happen that the person may find themselves going . . .
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    Lee, Mei-Yu
    The goal of the Visible Algorithms Project at California State University, Northridge is to develop a series of CAI packages that simulate walkthroughs of common algorithms. Initially these CAI packages were developed in a "terminal/machine dependent" . . .