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    Huang, Bingheng
    The thesis is a prototype of a general purpose animation graphics package designed to help the user to write animation program. Considering that most users in the university are familiar with PASCAL language, the package was written in PASCAL. In the . . .
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    Nahue, Roberto
    This paper describes how the Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithm approach is used to implement a computer engine to play the board game known as Havannah, a game that has recently sparked interest in the artificial intelligence gaming community. . . .
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    Alpine, John Paul
    Solid geometric modeling involves the creation, modification and storage of information relating to the computer representation of solid objects in three-dimensional space. This project implements data structures and procedures for solid modeling that . . .
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    Spengler, Timothy
    This thesis explores the possibilities of using cloud-based automated speech recognition services for instructional captioning. The research investigates factors that improve the performance of using automated speech recognition services to generate c . . .
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    Nzegwu, Allister O.
    A study of classification methods including the Bayesian is presented. Sequential classification is basically non-Bayesian, and is therefore specially suited for problems in pattern recognition, which requires complex computations. An algorithm was de . . .
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    Ourfalian, Armen
    I created a lecture-enhancing Algorithm Visualization (AV) tool to be used by Computer Science instructors teaching Algorithms. The main objective of this project was to create an AV tool that instructors will want to use. My target audience is the fa . . .
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    Bhamra, Karandeep
    Most academic institutions do not self-operate the system that is used for the verification of student records. Such a task is contracted out to firms who act as the middleman between the student and the potential employer who might be seeking verific . . .
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    Hesari, Sina
    Network Neutrality has been a hot topic since the proliferation of the internet. Indeed, there have been numerous efforts by the research community to expose the Quality of Service (QoS) policies that could lead to violations of net neutrality. This p . . .
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    Ganji, Rama Krishna
    Data Mining and Machine Learning is a subset of much wider Computer Science, which are employed by firms in many wide areas like data analysis, data statistics, natural language processing, predictive analysis. The main aim of data mining is to extrac . . .
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    Vamosiu, Radu
    This project presents the concepts, hardware and software designs of a general purpose Intelligent Input-Output Controller, which controls the interfacing operations between a host computer and a peripheral equipment such as computer graphic device, r . . .