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    Rahimi, Hoora
    As data processing systems evolved from manual to Electronic Data Processing (EDP) methods, data processing documentation was changed and improved accordingly. The purpose of this thesis is to study the evolution of data processing documentation from . . .
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    Kent, Philip Timothy
    Since instruction sets and architectures vary from one processor to the next, it is standard practice to have a unique assembler for each processor, and consequently a programmer developing software for two different target processors must be familiar . . .
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    Vigna, Katherine
    The CSUN Electronic Thesis and Dissertation System (ETD) is a web application designed to replace CSUN's paper-based thesis approval workflow and facilitate the digital archiving of theses. This case study presents a description and analysis of the ET . . .
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    Kind, Gary Alan
    The Computer Animation of Binary Tree Operations (CABTO) package was designed as an aid in the instruction of algorithms that perform different operations on binary trees. These operations are: (1) Insertion, (2) Search (or Retrieval), (3) Deletion, a . . .
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    Xiong, Hongyou
    This thesis explores replacing difficulty settings in video games using machine learning. There are a multitude of problems with the existing "pick-a-difficulty" system used by many games: •a player may not know which difficulty to choose, or is socia . . .
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    Bairanian, Avetik Alichan
    The "Sentence Understander”, or Natural Language Query Interpreter, will map an English source language into a target representation. The domain of discourse is limited to a form of database query or document retrieval. Data can be retrieved based on . . .
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    George Enchackal, Anu
    Existing approaches for indoor navigation using wearable sensors weigh heavily on path to map matching techniques. This work is an attempt to identify the user's location within a pre-selected portion of a building from users' own activities. The stud . . .
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    Cochran, Steven Douglas
    The need for a man-machine interface design system that will allow for the design of ‘dynamic’ interfaces is explored. The characteristics of a good man-machine interface are discussed and a model is presented which provides for a new, dynamic, data-d . . .
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    Yu, Wigberto
    In this paper an abstract machine intended for text processing applications is defined. The concepts of text and text processing are first identified to determine how abstraction can be applied. Next, key concepts and objects are modeled in terms of a . . .
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    Kirgiz, Asya
    AstutePeak is a machine learning solution created for an enterprise-level commercial software company named CrownPeak in the Web Experience Management (WEM) industry. This solution was designed and implemented to generate actionable predictions used t . . .