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    Haurat, Adrian
    This thesis introduces a web-based community engagement tool named "Helpfull". Helpfull connects people who need help to willing members of their community who can assist them through the use of targeted messaging. The app connects those in need of he . . .
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    Karandikar, Nikita
    This work is an implementation of the Christofides Algorithm for the travelling salesman problem in an application. Consider, a person running errands. If they go about it in an intuitive manner, it may happen that the person may find themselves going . . .
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    Lee, Mei-Yu
    The goal of the Visible Algorithms Project at California State University, Northridge is to develop a series of CAI packages that simulate walkthroughs of common algorithms. Initially these CAI packages were developed in a "terminal/machine dependent" . . .
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    Nande, Akshay
    Finding a job that perfectly matches with your strong skills and field of interest is a very challenging job for the job seekers. It is very difficult and time consuming to find a desired job in desired area near by the job seeker’s residence or withi . . .
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    Azadian, Nelson
    Envolution is an encryption algorithm which makes use of both convolution and deconvolution to encrypt and decrypt data. The initial idea for Envolution occurred to me back in October 2016. Originally, Envolution was developed to be both a public key . . .
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    Hartzman, Leslie Drew
    This paper involves the design of a Computer-Aided Instruction package for the Computervision (CV) Graphics System. This idea was brought about by the need for an alternate method for teaching the basic graphics commands to new users of the Computervi . . .
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    Quan, Alan G.
    This report describes the design and implementation of KNAP, a knowledge-based expert system that can serve as an automated parliamentarian (i.e., an advisor for parliamentary procedure in a deliberative assembly). The expert knowledge of the system i . . .
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    Rimbey, Laura W.
    A three-dimensional bin-packing problem is considered using the heuristically-controlled search methods of artificial intelligence. The problem is stated as follows: Given a set of n three-dimensional rectangular boxes, where each dimension is in the . . .
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    Abbasi, Shafagh
    Detecting user’s emotional status is one of the most effective aspects that can improve human-computer interaction. In most of the prior emotion detection studies, the focus was on facial expression, speech signal and body language analysis for affect . . .
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    Krestyn, George Vaclav
    Ultrasonic imaging is a technique which uses ultrasound waves to allow objects not naturally visible (such as internal anatomical structures) to be visualized. It is an important diagnostic method in medicine. One application is the detection of ather . . .