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    Cheng, Chia-Hsin
    This report presents a project on a screen output function tool (SOFT). SOFT is a graphics-oriented package for screen manipulation. It is designed to enable Pascal programmers to write terminal-independent graphic software. The purpose of this packag . . .
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    Koepke, David J.
    This thesis is a study of how software design ideas have evolved from the invention of the flowchart in 1947 to the present. The intent of this study is to accurately record software design history, to discover how new design ideas are conceived, and . . .
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    Frady, Dennis Erle
    The project consisted of developing a system which provides management information about data entry in a data processing organization. All the necessary steps to develop a management information system were performed which consisted of the requirement . . .
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    Roberts, Darel Mark
    VIOLET is a computer terminal which enables the handicapped user to communicate via voice input and output with a host computer. VIOLET is comprised of a Votrax voice synthesizer, an Interstate Electronics Voice Recognition Module, and an Apple II Plu . . .
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    Watkins, Amanda
    This thesis presents a tool developed for the comparison of R and Weka time series models for predicting undergraduate Computer Science course enrollments at CSUN. Current methodologies used at other universities along with related work on course enro . . .
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    Liu, Shi-Chung
    A Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) model is designed for presenting most algorithms; it contains the following main features: • user selected breakpoints • double screens presentation • visible and reversible execution • hardcopy of trace For saving t . . .
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    Reeser, Chris
    The natural generalization of the Instant Insanity puzzle to n cubes has been shown to be NP-complete. An algorithm to solve the problem therefore requires exponential time unless P=NP. This fact, however, does not mean that the intelligent use of com . . .
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    Flenner, Patricia O'Neil
    Over twenty years ago, H.R. Gelernter developed a program capable of proving high school geometry theorems. The prover was vaguely described in five papers which shortly followed. The computer program described in this paper employs Gelernter's machin . . .
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    Milano, Johnray R.
    The American Medical Association estimates that errors on medical claim forms cost billions for healthcare providers. This thesis discusses the errors found in the medical claim forms, particularly forms issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid . . .
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    Frank, William M.
    In the overall management of a software project, the Product Assurance activities encompass a wide variety of tasks throughout the project life cycle. These activities are accomplished through a combined application of configuration management (CM), v . . .