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    Loomis, Linda Wood
    Individuation, the conscious realization of one's own part in the process of human growth, is a unique psychological reality, including strengths and limitations, which leads to the integration of the Self as a whole being. It is my hypothesis 'that b . . .
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    Bokelman, Andrew
    This study examines the incidence, characteristics, and impact of sexual abuse on boys. Implications for intervention are also examined. The study develops and utilizes a compilation of existing written material on the sexual abuse of boys. For this t . . .
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    Ozery, Daphna
    The main purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between empathy and altruism by using the Empathy and Caring Questionnaire which was developed specifically for this study. This study was further seeking to examine whether there are age . . .
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    Lyden, Eric
    This thesis is an attempt to survey and bring into perspective the field of poetry therapy as it is currently found. The third chapter develops a set of poetry therapy exercises suitable for adjunctive use in group or individual settings. There is no . . .
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    Ponce de leon, Lisseth
    English is the principal language spoken around the world and understanding English is necessary to compete and be successful in international commerce. The need for English instruction at elementary levels in Peru is in high demand and there is not e . . .
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    Sternthall, Cassandra
    The impact of alcoholism on child development has serious consequences addressing many issues: self-esteem, domestic violence, sexual abuse, addictions, substance abuse, eating disorders, and suicide. My objective in this project is to study Adult Chi . . .
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    Berumen, Liliana
    This project explores the many different areas in which Hispanic couples with children struggle and need support with to continue nurturing their love for one another. After having children, Hispanic couples' focus shifts to the children and the love . . .
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    Horowitz, Janice
    There are currently no available objective or subjective means to analyze schools or programs which offer training for a professional career in counseling or psychology. One embarking on a career has no guide other than the school catalogs, and the di . . .
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    Epstein, Suzanne Hollander
    The purpose of this study was to develop a training program specifically designed to meet the needs of volunteer paraprofessional counselors. Forty-nine counselors from five non-profit, volunteer counseling centers responded to a questionnaire pertain . . .
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    Rostkowski, Carol
    There are a variety of services available for troubled youth and/or their families from public and private agencies. One such service is providing temporary alternative living arrangements when adolescents and their families reach a point where stayin . . .