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  • Vt150p437?file=thumbnail
    Dalal, Hemal Mahesh
    An X-band design using NE4210S01 's scattering parameters, the input and output matching networks were designed to create four Maximum Gain Amplifiers which are combined with four 90 Degree hybrid couplers, designed using Microstrip Line Technology, t . . .
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    Goraya, Sapandeep Singh
    The aim of the project is to study state of the a1t in the design, development and applications of RF MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices, with primary emphases on RF MEMS switches, in the context of its imminent insertion and deployment i . . .
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    Rathod, Nikhil
    The Project is to investigate the current techniques for fingerprint recognition. This target can be mainly decomposed into image preprocessing, feature extraction and feature match. For each sub-task, some classical and up-to-date methods in literatu . . .
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    Zaldana, Luis J.
    The primary purpose of this project is to see how the following software tools solve a non-linear control problem; � Matlabs Fuzzy Logic Toolbox � Design Rule Verification Software � FuzzyTECH Design Tool � National Instruments Lab VIEW - Fuzzy Tool F . . .
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    Bartlett, Stephen
    The project deals with the conceptualization, development and production of a robotic system. This robotic system consists of three mobile vehicles and a monitoring terminal. The three mobile robots are equipped with computing, navigation, sensing, an . . .
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    Gorgan, Eduard
    In recent years, Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radars (ISAR) has been used to detect man-made targets and to distinguish them from naturally occurring background or different types within the same class of targets. The purpose of this project is to asses . . .
  • Work
    Dave, Avani
    In a modern era, most of the consumer and industrial electronic devices use High Speed data transfer. High speed data transfer can be achieved with different protocols like I2C, SPI, AGP, PCI, and PCIE. A 32x 32 photo detector data acquisition system . . .
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    Sudini, Ankithreddy
    This project explains a Capacitance model for Gallium Nitride MESFET, with a new Concept of Charge Conversion. For a different charges of gate, source and drain terminals depending upon the voltage values of the drain source voltage, the charge of the . . .
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    Mandadi, Architha
    One dimensional physics based analytical modeling of SiC MISFET has been developed. The drain-source current, transconductance, and gate-source capacitance have been evaluated. The main objective of this project is to study the frequency response thro . . .
  • G445cj05f?file=thumbnail
    Azimi, Reza
    From 1985 processor designers are using pipeline to cover the instructions execution on each other and increase their design speed. They call this overlap between instructions, "instruction level parallelism" because instructions are calculated in par . . .