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    Landavazo, Briana
    Due to the hands-free, non-invasive nature of electroencephalography (EEG) based control, research into brain-computer interface (BCI) systems has been a topic of interest in robotics applications. BCI systems have been studied in several applications . . .
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    Mandizadeh, Marzieh
    This experimental thesis was directed towards providing new insight into the characterization of the fluid and thermal behavior of metal foam. The study focused on the thermal characteristics of aluminum metal foams over a range of pores per inch valu . . .
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    Pellegrini, Alan John
    Today, many processes involve chemical reactions which lead to complex mixtures. For example, some of these mixtures occur from the synthesis of organic compounds, or from the combustion processes of automobiles, aircraft engines, and rockets. Chemica . . .
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    Joh, Sooyun
    Film boiling heat transfer from a 2 inch 1018 carbon steel rotating sphere has been experimentally determined in saturated and subcooled Freon-113. Heat transfer from the sphere was analyzed for static and rotating conditions in saturated and subcoole . . .
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    Win, Nyan H.
    This project focused mainly on developing drop-off prevention for wheelchair using infrared (IR) range finder sensors. The report presented the research and selection of suitable sensors to use for drop-off detection and prevention for a Brain Control . . .
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    Carrick, Jack Mathew
    The CSUN Undergraduate UAS team has experienced RF communication issues between the aircraft and ground station during previous AUVSI competitions. A graduate study and analysis was performed in efforts to explore the communication improvements that c . . .
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    Flickinger, Evan Drew
    The suspension system of a FSAE (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers) vehicle is a vital system with many functions that include providing vertical compliance so the wheels can follow the uneven road, maintaining the wheels in the proper steer and . . .
  • 5t34sp322?file=thumbnail
    Markarian, Harout
    Wheelchair users face difficulties while crossing rugged terrains and sidewalks, as well as climbing up and down stairs. With the safety of the user as a main concern, the following concept will allow the occupant of the wheelchair to ascend and desce . . .
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    Burla, Goutham Kumar Reddy
    Nanofluids are stable colloidal suspensions of nanometer sized particles suspended in traditional heat transfer fluids. During boiling of nanofluids, the dispersed nanoparticles change the surface conditions on the heated surface. A layer of nanoparti . . .
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    Kennington, Robert Glenn
    The purpose of this project was to investigate multigrid techniques as applied to the solution of Navier-Stokes equations. Use of this technique has been shown by many authors to provide much faster numerical solutions to problems involving partial di . . .