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    Karlsten, Keith Karl
    The problem investigated in this thesis is the optimum orientation and sizing of the structural members within a given structural configuration. The synthesis is accomplished by a combination of parametric component results with mathematical programmi . . .
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    Visco, Louis Emil
    This project describes a method of reducing integrated range sidelobes in hi-phase encoded pulse compression radar by using multiple codes during integration. It describes a Code Generating Algorithm (CGA) to find candidate pseudo-noise codes that sat . . .
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    Bircsak, Garin Sandford
    Power division can be realized in many ways but the method suggested by Chapell lends itself to wide bandwidth microstripline techniques and is closely examined here. The fundamentals of N-way power dividers are briefly reviewed and broadband 2-way po . . .
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    Hamilton, Steven Eugene
    This thesis presents the development of a new type of I~ATT diode power accumulator. The design has twice the capacity of similar accumulators of the same size. The circuit offers high combining efficiency, reduced thermal interaction and broad tuning . . .
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    McMaster, Michael Alan
    I was employed at the Pacific Missile Test Center as the Flight Test Engineer on the SHRIKE missile between July 1975 and June 1976. During this period I conducted a Navy Technical Evaluation and an Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (NTE/IOT&E) . . .
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    Patel, Kantilal M.
    The purpose of this project is to study optimum weight design for the nonprestressed structure, using “compatibility analysis”. The result is then compared with the determinant case. A structural system is described by a set of quantities, some of whi . . .
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    Goudey, Dale Alan
    The problem of processing measured data for use with the Kalman filter is considered. Specifically, the problem is that of tracking an airborne target with measurements obtained by radar. The direction observation and filtering processes are investiga . . .
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    Valentino, Michael John
    In a conventional bearing one race is fixed, while the other race rotates. However, in a contra-rotating bearing the inner race rotates in one direction and the outer race rotates in the opposite direction. The advantages of the contra-rotating bearin . . .
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    Westerholm, Robert Anders
    The advent of pocket calculators with magnetic card storage combined with simplified solutions for elliptical-contact deformation, as developed by Brewe , make possible the solution of engineering problems by calculator formerly requiring large comput . . .
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    Lucic, Roger Alan
    This graduate project presents guidance subsystem deficiency investigations performed on the PHOENIX missile. The PHOENIX missile, an air-to-air radar guided missile, was tested in an especially prepared laboratory test bench. A side-lobe clutter stud . . .