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    Abiko, Kazuo
    This was a historical study which described the coverage and editorial positions of the daily Japanese-language newspapers in California during the period from July 24, 1941 up to May, 1942, with regard to the pre-war tension between the United States . . .
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    Parker, James Edward
    It was during the first ten years of the sound film (1926-1935) that a form of music accompaniment for silent films was changed to become the sound score. Not much has been written about this period to explain what happened to the silent score and how . . .
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    Larsen, Trine Bay
    Based on 14 interviews with asylum seekers in two refugee camps in Denmark and six officials, this study found that refugees rely mainly on their cellphones for communication, news about their home country and Denmark, practical information, and perso . . .
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    Vane, Timothy Damian
    This study was initiated to examine the relationship between success in two journalism skills courses and other predictors. The data for this study consisted of an English diagnostic test (The Test Of Standard Written English), a spelling examination, . . .
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    Reinhartsen, Lee LaTourette
    This thesis has two primary purposes. The first is to establish that environmental affairs and issues have become a significant subject in the minds of researchers and the general public, but that the newspaper coverage of these issues is inadequate. . . .
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    Ford, Herbert Paul
    In terms of itself print journalism has devoted most of its attention to the past and the present. During less complex times this backward- sideward look proved adequate if not rewarding. The complexity of modern society, however, with its onrush of t . . .
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    Parsons, Patrick Robert
    The thesis applies Marxist economic precepts to the function of the newspaper industry, thereby explaining the industry's economic growth and daily operation. Topics from employment to chain ownership are considered and analyzed in terms of their role . . .