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    Hazlett, Sheila Marie
    The phenomenon of the growth of Southern California's San Fernando Valley has been reflected for sixty-four years in the area's largest local newspaper, the Valley News and Green Sheet. The News is circulated in an area of over 320 square miles, to mo . . .
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    Rifai, Salwa Shtieh
    In September 1970, King Hussein of Jordan decided to put an end to the state-within-a-state situation through strong military operations that ended in the expulsion of the military forces of the Palestinian Liberation Organization from Jordan. This si . . .
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    Chavira, Ricardo
    This study presents a description and analysis of Mexican emigration and deportation reporting in The Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles' Spanish-language daily, La Opinion. The 1930's, 1950's and 1970's have been selected as the periods of study becau . . .
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    Brown, Franz Karl
    The number of family run farms has been declining through the 1980s. Although the numbers of farmers as a percentage of the United States population is small. they hold a special place in our national consciousness as evidenced by media coverage of th . . .
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    Dado, Susanna Sciutto
    Eleanor Roosevelt communicated with the American public more effectively than any other First Lady. Through her activities, lectures and writing, she advocated her causes, aired her views, and displayed the humanitarian qualities that made her a promi . . .
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    Rietmann-Grout, Clarie
    This documentary is a personal account of my own journey from a nationally ranked pitcher, forced off my American college team to being a part of a sports club in Switzerland. It is common in the United States for athletes at the college level to lose . . .
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    Parker, Thomas S.
    In the genre of science-fiction films, a popular theme predicts that in the future our lives will be shaped and controlled by machines and we, in fact, will emulate these revered mechanical masters and become soulless, unfeeling automatons, losing our . . .
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    Principe, Darleen
    Filipinos comprise the third largest ethnic group in the City of Los Angeles, following Latinos and African Americans. Despite L.A.'s sizeable Filipino community, however, there is a noticeable lack of news coverage catering specifically to Filipino A . . .
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    Sedelnik, Paul Michael
    This thesis traces the development of the auteur theory of film. Beginning in France, this concept's genesis from an article by Francois Truffaut is discussed and evaluated. The evolution of Truffant’s phrase “la politique des auteurs” into a consciou . . .
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    Yazejian, Ellen J.
    A descriptive analysis via a five part research design yields qualitative and quantitative data on the popular Saturday morning children's program, "Smurfs." The study is undertaken to gain a better understanding of the elements that draw children to . . .