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  • Hx11xj911?file=thumbnail
    Dozal, Jared Michael
    This graduate project is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics for Educational Careers. It is a compilation of five projects, each focusing on different fields of mathematics relevant t . . .
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    Mabe, Nicholas
    In this work I propose several numerical algorithms to calculate the steady state solutions of the Saint-Venant equations, a hyperbolic balance law commonly used to model shallow water flows. The main focus is on two-layer stratified flows distinguish . . .
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    Rudin, Brenda I.
    This thesis is a study of "La geometria elementare istitutta sulle nozioni di 'punto' e 'sfera'" (Elementary geometry instituted on the notions of "point" and "sphere") by the Italian geometer Mario Pieri ( 1860- 1913). It focuses on the importance of . . .
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    Wei, Yun
    As a typical model to represent nonlinear pulse propagation, the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation (CGLE) with linear and nonlinear gain or loss possesses solitary wave-, hole wave- and shock wave-solutions. In this thesis, we investigate the existence . . .
  • Work
    Steidly, Carl W.
    This is a syllabus for a one-semester, eleventh grade, advanced mathematics course. Motivation for mathematics rigor is advocated by an emphasis on application and problem solving through the use of various mathematical models.
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    Kaspar, Hans
    The transient solution of a parking lot problem with a finite number of parking spaces is considered when, in a given time interval, the number of cars arriving are Poisson distributed with identical parameters. If the parking lot is full, all arrivin . . .
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    Hamilton, Ann Esther
    Non-standard analysis was developed by Abraham Robinson in 1961. It offers a new number system which can serve as an alternative to the real numbers. This new system, called R*, is an ordered field containing numbers larger and numbers smaller than an . . .
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    Thomassin, Steven L.
    In late October of 1972, my father confronted me with a piece of paper containing a square grid of 64 cells (8X8) followed by the directions: "Take a pencil and darken eight of these 64 squares, making sure that no darkened square is on the same horiz . . .
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    Barbullushi, Ingrid
    The Macroscopic Vicsek (MV) model describes a large-scale limit of self-propelled particle systems used to describe behavior in animal societies such as fish school or bird flocks. From a mathematical point of view the MV model presents a number of ch . . .
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    Liu, Junyu
    The present work investigates the Korteweg de Vries equation, nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE), Hirota equation, coupled Hirota equations, and the (2+1)-dimensional fourth-order NLSE. The latter equation describes a Heisenberg-ferromagnetic spin . . .