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    Di Fusco, Laura
    For a great many Americans, daily life constitutes an ongoing crisis of emotional survival (Garfield, 1987). Many individuals take on more than one role such as, a mother, wife, worker, and student. One may be faced with much pressure to be successful . . .
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    Ferman, Patricia
    The purpose of this thesis project is to develop a program, consisting of training sessions and a manual through which preschool teachers will learn ways of working with children with autism to increase social interactions. A manual will be created so . . .
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    Brown, Rosalynn D.
    This study explores the scholarly discipline of the Tarot as a universal symbolic language which forms a framework for a leisure ethic. This ethic codifies ideal behavior applied to a leisure, recreation, and play triad. This triad is supported by the . . .
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    Konow, Andrea Ilene
    The purpose of this study was to design and test an instrument capable of empirically measuring positive attitudinal responses to outdoor recreation environments. This research was exploratory in nature. The instrument consisted of an audio-visual sli . . .
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    Finney, Craig Lyman
    Can recreation have a positive effect on workers' productivity? Within the industrial work setting, productivity is based on a worker's efficiency. Efficiency itself is affected by certain factors, one of which is boredom. A worker may have a feeling . . .
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    Saisho, Janet N.
    The study assessed the present and future anticipated leisure preference patterns and the level of physical participation within the leisure preference patterns of the pre-retiree men (age 50-65) who reside in the San Fernando Valley. Survey questionn . . .
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    Zerlin, Ellen
    The Nutrition Program, funded under the Older American Act of 1965, is designed to meet the nutritional and social needs of persons aged sixty or older. In addition to the one hot meal per day other services are to be provided, one being recreational . . .
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    Nelson, Linda Marie
    The purpose of this study was to determine the type of people who would volunteer their leisure time to campaigning for a local, unknown candidate in a local election. Furthermore, it was the intent of the investigator to conceptually relate leisure p . . .
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    Gustafson, Curtis L.
    In the process of revising and reorganizing the aquatics manual for the Recreation Department of Burbank, California, it became apparent that no real guidelines for such a task existed. Therefore, the idea for this graduate project was conceived: to d . . .
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    Gerry, Wayne Michael
    This study attempts to determine what ORV-users feel and know about the environmental destruction of their sport. In addition, users were asked about actual behavior and their support for an Off-road Vehicle Environmental Safety and Education Program. . . .