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    Van Hall, Diana
    My imagery emerges from an internal searching rather than from external stimulation. I work with dyes on fabric in a very personal, intuitive way. I have chosen fabric and specifically velvet, because I was drawn to the lushness of its surface and the . . .
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    Ryan, Mary Jean
    How shall I speak of that which cannot be spoken? How shall I write without words? Our language is ineffective. We tangle ourselves in a snarl of semantics. "'That's the flaw with words,' he said in an assuring tone. 'They always force us to feel enli . . .
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    Coté, Pierrette
    The idea of my work is to be flexible, natural, simple and abstract. The major portion of this work used rope with one or two elements and formed bands of variable sizes. I arranged them the way I wanted, interrelated them, folding them and changing t . . .
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    Kibel, Isabel R.
    I have two bodies of work. The larger number of pieces, created as commissions for architectural spaces, have been titled “PUBLIC” works. When I create these designs, my philosophical approach is to present work that will be harmonious to the function . . .
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    Ross, Virginia Wilson
    Sonia Delaunay, early twentieth century artist and colorist extroadinaire, once said “Color is the skin of the world”, no doubt meaning that color is the essence of our environment. I share that philosophy so it is only logical that color should be a . . .
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    Siriyodhin, Suleeporn
    My art pieces are extensions of my personality and values. They reflect my philosophy on life; a philosophy which honors the timelessness of Nature’s beauty. Time itself cannot eclipse Nature’s wonders, and my purpose as an artist is to capture but a . . .