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    Tellier, James Gilbert
    A user interactive computer program was developed for the preliminary design of rocket engine axial reaction turbines. The program was written in the BASIC computer language for the IBM Personal Computer (PC). Program TURBDES.BAS performs the prelimin . . .
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    Ji, Hyun-Chul
    A study has been performed to study incipient breakup of impacting liquid drops for condition of thin film splash. The study was performed to determine the functional relationship between Reynolds number, Weber number, and the ratio of film thickness . . .
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    Stiens, Robert Russell
    The dynamic response of a liquid level system consisting of three series connected tank was determined utilizing the technique of direct frequency response testing with a sinusoidal input disturbance. The response of the system was determined when ope . . .
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    Hang, Jeffrey Canhlam
    A system of equations of motions for a circular cylindrical shell subjected to a set of generalized pressure loading is derived by means of Newtonian mechanics. The equations are scrutizined for their applicability in different classes of engineering . . .
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    Von Arx, Alan Vincent
    This report analyzes problems that involve fluid-flow boundary conditions in a general heat conduction program. The difficulty in the problem stems from adjusting a finite difference method that is used in solving conduction problems to be used direct . . .