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    Sosa, Brittany
    Purpose: Each child will get one construction paper that they will fold in half to represent a book. The teacher will place a stack of grocery newspapers in the middle of the table or hand each child one newspaper. The child will then cut out the pict . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Mora, Roberto E.
    "Purpose of the Study: This thesis aims to identify, interpret, and analyze culturally unmodified bones, and to advocate for new approaches to faunal remains analysis in archaeology and related fields. Culturally unmodified modified bones, I argue, ar . . .
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    Aguinaldo, Mariah
    This article first links The Hunger Games to the food use in Dystopian Young Adult literature genre as a whole. Then I argue that the authors, such as Collins, is making a commentary with her texts about how food is used in society today: that food ca . . .
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    Lippman, Sarah Rachelle
    The purpose of this graduate thesis was to publish previously completed research done by former graduate students at California State University, Northridge. Prior to my contribution, this valuable research has been limited to publication solely withi . . .
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    Asadoorian, Adrienne
    The community of Chatsworth is nestled in the northwest corner of the San Fernando Valley. The Chatsworth neighborhood formed around the expansion of the Southern Pacific Railroad, connecting it to the greater Los Angeles area in 1892. The area is com . . .
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    Gold, Joshua Michael
    Self-affirmation has been shown to increase open-mindedness and facilitate attitude and behavior change to threatening information. The current study expanded on this research by exploring how self-affirmation impacts healthy food choice in women. In . . .
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    Saad, Sohair
    The effect of three drying methods (room, tray, and freeze drying) moisture content, and packaging during storage on folacin content of mulukhiyah, which is one of the most common vegetables in Egypt, was investigated. It was found that fresh mulukhiy . . .
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    Benz, Megan
    The Single-Location, Full-Service restaurant industry is highly fragmented and competitive, thus staying afloat within this segment requires great strategy. Our client operates within this industry and is challenged by the need for growth by attractin . . .
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    Jimenez, Alexis
    We Are What We Eat uses processed food to comment on society's desire for instant gratification. Twinkies, Cheetos, and and various manifestations of chicken function as symbols that reflect this desire as well as the food industry's approach to satis . . .
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    Aronson, Marilyn R.
    Elderly people in the Title III-C National Nutrition for the Elderly Programs in Southern California were selected from meal sites serving the following kinds of food: Anglo, Japanese, Kosher, and Mexican. They participated in a study designed to esta . . .