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    Brown, Susan Tara Rosencranz
    Because of the recent feminist movement and legislation such as Title IX and California's West Supplement, current primary reading textbooks are supposed to provide fairly realistic sex role images for girls and boys. This study found that although ma . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Henry, Jamie
    Sexually transmitted diseases are a major public health problem that can be effectively prevented through condom use. The number of young adults in colleges contracting STDs has been increasing exponentially in recent years, especially among women. Th . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Davis, Michelle Ariel
    Miscommunication of sexual consent is often attributed to the reinforcement of gender role norms, sexual scripts, sexual assertiveness, indirect resistance, and a neoliberal society. Dyads in the early stages of dating may be more prone to the miscomm . . .
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    Landeros, Juan
    The second half of the twentieth century witnessed the wholesale removal of rules protecting exclusively male space. The dominant paradigm of the twenty-first century has stressed equal access to all. In recent years barbershops have made use of anach . . .
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    Berrie, Alexandra Barrett
    This study examines the role of gender and its relationship to communication. It is motivated by two research questions: first, how do adult international students in an intensive English program (IEP) at a public university in Southern California per . . .
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    Martin, Aric
    This thesis traces the visibility and repression of diverse transgender representation in American theatre, examines binary messages in gender-bending works Euripides’ The Bacchae and David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly, and highlights the need for trans . . .
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    Viola, Margaret Anne
    Chuck and Nancy is a fictional, single-camera comedy pilot for television based on the friendship between two women in their thirties - one straight, one gay - who become roommates after failed relationships. CHUCK (32) is an androgynous, charming, ta . . .
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    Roman, Erica
    This study examines how gender affects the coming out process for the Latino population. Primary data was used from a focus group in order to obtain a detailed narrative from 5 Latina lesbian women and secondary data was used from a previous study in . . .
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    Santillan Serrano, Carolina
    During the period of the Dirty War in Mexico, which began after the violent government suppression of the 1968 student movement and extended into the 1980s, Mexico experienced an increase in state-sponsored terrorism that led to thousands of students, . . .
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    Lopez, Gloriana
    In efforts to understand women’s subjective experiences and the stress related to those experiences, Shea et al. (2014) developed a measure called “The Subjective Femininity Stress Scale.” Using this measure participants are able to describe their sub . . .