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    Miller, Travis
    The study proposed to investigate why those high in grit tend to be more successful, specifically investigating grit's associations with stress and task persistence Part one explored the possibility that grit allows for a more positive interpretation . . .
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    Velez, Belia
    Purpose: School is challenging for many youth - even more so for those exposed to violence, trauma, and gang-related activities on a daily basis. An estimated half million youth drop out of school each year in the United States (Alosie-Young & Chavez, . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Bjerre, Emily R.
    Arctic geese arriving at spring stopover areas are under strict time constraints to build-up endogenous fat and nutrient stores before migrating to their northern breeding grounds. Gizzard grit facilitates the mechanical breakdown of ingested food pla . . .
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    Grajeda, Carlos
    Duckworth, Peterson, Matthews, and Kelly (2007) define grit as a disposition and/or set of skills that combines passion and perseverance toward achieving long-term goals. Individuals with high levels of grit have been shown to have the ability to succ . . .
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    Alarcon, Stephanie
    Educators seek to develop well-rounded individuals that are capable of adapting to the demands of our ever-changing technological world. However, many secondary students merely go through the motions of our current education system without taking pers . . .
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    Perez, Rochelle Amores
    The purpose of the study is twofold: a) to understand the Asian American community college students’self-beliefs, particularly self-efficacy, emotional awareness, and grit, while reaching their academic goals; and b) to unveil the issue of data disagg . . .