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    Clutter, Jacquelyn
    The purpose of this study was to identify and analyze the health education needs of a selected group of elderly people residing in West Los Angeles and Woodland Hills. In order to determine what health education may be necessary, an assessment to iden . . .
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    Newell, Patricia J.
    The purpose of this study was to determine whether and to what extent health education can increase knowledge levels, and influence the diet of teenagers to minimize the tendency toward essential hypertension. The study population consisted of 112 ten . . .
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    McGinity, Jeb Stephen
    Several concerns were identified regarding the need to raise the visibility of health education services within the Southeast Health Services Region of Los Angeles County. Many of these problems could be attributed to the absence of an effective metho . . .
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    Beene, Geraldine W.
    The health care profession is directing increasing attention to patient education as an important component of high quality health care. Along with this growing interest in health education is a need for curriculum guides to help health care professio . . .
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    Grizzell, Eleda F.
    The development of meaningful and clear values for effective and efficient living in a modern society is difficult at best. This condition is due to several factors: many unstable families, a tremendous increase in mobility and communications, and lar . . .
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    Marx, Catherine L.
    The purpose of this project was to develop and validate a premenstrual syndrome educational model for the health educator to use in a clinical or classroom setting. Three methodological phases of activity were involved in this process: Phase I. Develo . . .
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    Carroll, Patrice Mincieli
    An increasing use of vitamin supplements in America recently may be a result of persuasive sales techniques or a desire to attain a more healthy diet. This study investigate, using a questionnaire, the reasons health club members used vitamins, and th . . .
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    Ram, Ramakrishna S.
    The goal of this study was to create a slide-tape program and evaluate its effectiveness as a tool for health education. The topic selected for the slide-tape program was tuberculosis education. The content of the slide-tape program was designed to pr . . .
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    Soedarno, Giarto
    A self-instructional training model was developed for health center staffs who work in rural areas in Indonesia. The model, consisting of reading materials, and programmed instructions, was designed to help the health center supervisors train themselv . . .
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    Seck, Nancy Crawford
    There is currently, in the field of health education, a wide range of planning approaches available to the health educator. However, few of these methodologies are organized in a manner which enables conversion to actual field application. The primary . . .