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    Babior, Sharman Lark
    Traditional portrayals of females in Hindu India reveal a dual character: they are seen both as weak and dependent, and as powerful and aggressive personalities. Underlying the notion of power is also a deep fear of women. Therefore, the Indian woman . . .
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    Sarkar, Proyash
    Standardization and stereotyping, as mechanisms of social oppression, hurt not only the marginalized but also those who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of such social mechanism. This paper studies the gender norms prevalent in the traditional Hin . . .
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    Singh, Shweta
    This paper articulates the concept of space and gender using illustrations from the cultural iconography of Hindu Goddesses. The boundary and control of public and private spaces leading to differences in toleration of women within them is discussed. . . .
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    Barbara Holdrege’s seminal article, “Veda and Torah: The Word Embodied in Scripture” and her extended work on the same topic, “Veda and Torah: Transcending the Textuality of Scripture,” create a bridge between the Jewish and Hindu textual traditions. . . .