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    Masters Thesis
    Bentle, Brandon J
    In this study, eleven Evangelical Christian pastors participated in semi-structured in-depth interviews regarding the occurrence of dishonesty within the Senior Pastor-Associate pastor relationship that exists in the local church congregation. The res . . .
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    Jami, Waleed
    Honesty-Humility is a sixth major trait of personality (adding to the Five Factor Model) that describes the degree to which an individual is sincere, modest, honest, prosocial, and without a desire for elevated social status. Social status—our wealth, . . .
  • Work
    Pressnell, Jeffery Lee
    Unmasking is a memoir about the way that lying can affect an individual and the where the lies and falsehoods come from for the narrator. This story continues on to discuss the way that the narrator deals with his problem and discusses the history beh . . .