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    Lee, Tony
    Image processing is among the most rapidly growing technologies. Image processing is a method that allows for operations to be performed on an image in order to modify the image or analyze information within the image. It may be useful to perform imag . . .
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    Pourtaherian, Bahram
    By more technology advance in the past few years there has been a huge increase in automated speed limitation enforcement equipments, such as speed cameras. Most of these devices work with a sensor. Therefore, there is a need to install new expensive . . .
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    Malinoski, Phillip
    This project was undertaken with the hopes of contributing to an engineering project in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. These systems have grown increasingly advanced in not only mechanical performance and power but in intelligence as well. As . . .
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    Mousavi, Ameneh
    FFT and similar frequency transforms have a lot of different applications in today's advanced technology. FFT is a mathematical method to convert a signal from time domain to frequency domain. Frequency domain transforms like FFT are widely used in im . . .
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    Kowalski, Bartlomiej
    The Digital Datapath for an Image Acquisition System (IAS) describes the architecture of an FPGA-based system designed to capture, process, and transmit image data generated by an array of photo-detectors. Due to the substantial number of photo-detect . . .
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    Khorrami, Morteza Abedini
    Scene matching refers to the ability to locate or match a region of a picture with the corresponding region of another view of the scene often taken with a different sensor. In this project the involving problems have been discussed and with microproc . . .
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    hermesh, shalmon
    The Wildfire Infrared Early Detection System report will describe the implementation of an FPGA based image processing system that will facilitate fire detection in general, and wild and forest fire detection and analysis in particular. Due to the inh . . .
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    Yu Bai
    During recent years, researchers throughout academia and industry have been advancing the theory, designing, and applications of mobile service computing through the Internet of Things (IoT). Research interest in mobile service computing stems from it . . .
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    Cochran, Dana
    We examine properties of the Blum Medial Axis (BMA) to improve its effectiveness for automated shape understanding. The BMA has been used to represent objects since the 1960s. Here we examine measurements on the BMA including shape tubularity (ST), er . . .
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    Walden, George
    Tortuosity is an intuitive term used to describe paths on the plane that exhibit multiple twists and turns. It is used in a variety of applications as a measure of how much a path deviates from a straight line, especially to analyze images. However, u . . .