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    Kiani, Rajab Ali
    Drama in some forms has always been in existence in Iran. Taziya, the Passion Play, Ruhozi, the farcical play, and other old forms are a few examples. Western influence on Iranian theatre began nearly a hundred years ago, but the beginning of the mode . . .
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    Forouzan, Sara
    The purpose of this project was to create a workshop for second-generation Iranian American young adults who have struggled with understanding and exploring their ethnic identity. Iranian immigration to the United States is a relatively recent event. . . .
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    Hemyeri, Ali
    Given the current U.S. foreign policy on Iran and the Middle East, themes of Orientalism, Iranophobia and Islamphobia in U.S. mass media, and the alignment of U.S. media with U.S. foreign policy, do people with Iranian origin living in the U.S. face p . . .
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    Shakoori, Shilla
    My work, Inviolable Minds, is about the freedom of speech. In particular, the thesis installation consists of a chair made with paper which symbolizes my thoughts and feelings about freedom of speech in my homeland, Iran. This installation demonstrate . . .
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    Shalhoub, Rana
    The struggle of Iranian women after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 illustrates the complexities and contradictions of working for the betterment of women in an environment of conflict between "Western" notions of human rights and Iran-centric Islamic . . .
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    Kamrava, Mehran
    Two sets of power relationships have emerged in the political system of the Islamic Republic of Iran: official, institutional relationships outlined in the Constitution, and unofficial, informal ones existing between and within groups and clusters of . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Howell, Matthew
    Proliferation of nuclear weapons is currently one of the most critical issues facing international relations. The region where this is currently of greatest concern is the Middle East. The Islamic Republic of Iran is an emerging regional power in the . . .