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    Kimura, Seiichiro
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of Western loanwords, nearly all English, in Japanese advertising, which is the principal source of the current massive increase of foreign words in the Japanese language. The basic data for the stud . . .
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    Tu, Sachiko
    There is an old saying in Japan that a man's life is but fifty years. It was true statistically a couple of decades ago. However, since then there have been critical changes in the post World War II Japanese social system as Japan moved from a feudal . . .
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    Okazaki, Shōkō
    This study examines English-Japanese bilingual interaction to uncover complex relations between language, participants' socio-cultural backgrounds, and interpersonal relations in cross-cultural communication. It is based on data collected in conversat . . .
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    Ryskind, Brian
    In this paper, I look at movement and scope in Japanese negation, specifically the relationship and distribution between the negative particle -mo and the negative operator -nai. While Modern Japanese is an SOV language with accusative-nominative case . . .
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    Hoshina, Akimi
    My sculptures are products of my heritages' popular culture and ancient stories combined together to reveal the disconnect I feel from my roots. Japan's popular culture of animated cartoons and movies contain bits and pieces of its history and folklor . . .
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    Conference Proceeding
    Ishii, Toru
    This paper presents a prosodic movement analysis of "multiple scrambling" in Japanese. The organization of this paper is as follows. Section 2 argues that there are two kinds of scrambling, i.e. syntactic scrambling and prosodic scrambling. It is show . . .
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    Brown, Amanda
    Two-way typological patterning between satellite- and verb-framed languages in construal of Manner of motion is well attested in speech (e.g. Slobin 2006) and gesture (e.g. McNeill 2001), but contradictory findings exist regarding a third category of . . .
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    Golston, Chris
    This paper presents evidence thatJapanesehas prosodic scrambling of phonologicalphrases(ɸ)in additionto the well-studied syntactic scrambling of XPs.All cases of scramblingin Japaneseinvolve fronting constituents, be theysyntactic XPs or phonologicalɸ . . .
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    Ushimaru, Hiroshi
    Purpose of the Study: At the present time, California is known for its agricultural richness} but people should also know of the efforts and accomplishments of the early Japanese immigrants in the various fields of the state's agricultural development . . .