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    Zepeda, Josephine R
    En una confesion dentro de otra confesion, mi amigo me relato una experiencia de su vida privada con una dama. Una senora penetro la carcel lugubre del confesionario, turbada, luchando con sf misma, por sue hechoe, el querer vomitar los pecados que ro . . .
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    Huertaz, Jacqueline A
    This collection of essays explores culture and acculturation. The way identity begins, evolves, and forms around so much that is complicated: family (close, extended, ancestral), friends, relationships, the luck of draw, random biological imperatives, . . .
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    Rogers, Samantha Kim
    This novel follows young tenacious Sybil as she navigates her traumatic past, and tumultuous present. Beginning in 1989 Tucson, AZ, Sybil contemplates her identity as a daughter through the lens of a motherless child. The story transitions to her pres . . .
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    Peterson, Anders Ethan
    The following collection of short stories was written with home in mind. With one exception these stories take place in the Midwest; specifically: Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota. These places shaped my upbringing and are a constant source of in . . .
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    Alvarez, Erin Laurel
    This collection of essays explores the formation of Chicana identity, the social and psychological impact substance abuse, and the trail of immigration of the past and present. I historicize my experience of ethnic identity through baseball, growing u . . .
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    Dunlap, Brian S.
    This is a novel in progress set in West Los Angeles. It surrounds the aftermath of Brooke�s father, Ben�s, death and how her, her best friend Matt, and her mother, Alison, deal with it, move on from it and come to terms with the relationship they each . . .
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    Hensley, Gilliann Mar
    The following is a collection of personal essays that uses nature (in the form of the writer’s own experiences in nature, as well as representations of nature as found in popular and literary culture) as a vehicle through which to explore identity, as . . .
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    Dakin, Jordan
    Wick is concerned with the subject of personhood and individual identity; the novel explores various philosophical, religious, and scientific notions of identity, encapsulated in a narrative of a homeless feral child, raising the question: when one co . . .
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    Velez, Shane
    This collection of essays examines the aesthetic of uniformity and order prevalent in planned, suburban housing developments. It utilizes both personal experience and research to examine the effect this aesthetic has on the suburbanite. It relates sto . . .
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    Fikes, Brian
    Essays that seem to be about something straightforward�flying, swimming, parenting, dating�turn out to be about something much more, a probing of the nature of human connection, an exploration of the many ways human beings come to know the world. Very . . .