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    McCutcheon, Larisa
    Purpose: The children have been very interested in bookmaking and I occasionally see children binding pages together on their own. Children are also interested in several types of print including newspaper, books, and magazines. This lesson helps to m . . .
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    Sosa, Brittany
    Purpose Many children that I have observed spell or write their names using different size letters. Some children ask, "why is this letter big and this one is small?" This lesson will be used to explain to the children about upper and lower case lette . . .
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    Purpose of Lesson: storytelling through flannels. To expand children's vocabulary, identify animals and recall sequence in a story. Activity will increase vocabulary and learn to make predictions. Pre-math, children will have an understanding of place . . .
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    Sosa, Brittany
    Purpose of Lesson: Listens to stories read aloud. Demonstrates increasing levels of sustained and focused engagement during read aloud times. Comprehends story's main events. Learning Objectives: To guide children toward understanding what the story i . . .
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    Purpose of Lesson: Engage children in conversation and uses of language and to develop relationships, to increase and expand children's vocabulary. Expose children to colors, and different animals. Ages: 4-6 Book for reference Brown Bear, Brown Bear W . . .
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    Sosa, Brittany
    Objective: Our objective is for the children to not only hear and see the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but too also have it at the reach of their hands. The teacher will put her arm through the caterpillar and the caterpillar will 'cat' the c . . .
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    Purpose of Lesson: Children will associate the name of a letter with its shape. Children will name many uppercase letters. Children will participates successfully as a member group. Ages: 3-5
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    Veloz, Lorena
    Purpose: Parents have been asking tor assistance in helping their child at home with letter recognition and letter sounds. This lesson will connect and review what is done at school by playing a game of matching the letters to the book “ABeCedarios” b . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    McNamara, Lana
    The purpose of this project is to examine how the implementation of a silent reading program within a reading intervention class impacts adolescents’ reading habits and attitudes towards reading. Over the course of a high school semester, a 45-minute . . .
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    Jackson, James E.
    Kurzweil 3000 is an assistive technology designed for individuals with learning disabilities, especially dyslexia. While this technology has existed for years and has been widely employed by college disability resource centers, we know relatively litt . . .