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    Baher, Ferial
    New developments in the area of nutrition and clinical dietetics have increased the need of a local hospital for a diet manual that has been updated and that can be easily understood by all dietary staff involved in preparation of patients' diets. Mos . . .
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    Fuller, Nancy
    The fundamental purpose of this project is to provide a reference manual for the Associated Students Office at California State University, Northridge. Information pertaining to the structure and functioning of Associated Students is presented along w . . .
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    Oberman, Lorelei
    This manual is intended to be used when training volunteers to work at Planned Parenthood of Ventura County. It is meant to be a clear, concise, handbook so that any motivated employee at the Ventura or Oxnard clinics can follow some simple guidelines . . .
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    Abukurah, Hazar M. Hijazi
    The purpose of this thesis is to study the need for a manual of creative arts and crafts that can be used by pediatric nurses for hospitalized children and by families and friends of sick or disabled children at home or in other facilities. This manua . . .
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    Emert, Agnes Gold
    There is an increasing concern in counselor education to develop relatively brief and effective methods to teach basic counseling skills. Counselor training programs have attempted to address this concern by utilizing diverse combinations and forms of . . .
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    Werner, Amy Hope
    This manual examines the area of leadership training development and its relationship to the B'nai B'rith Youth organization. Developing communication skills plays an integral role in leadership training and therefore, must be addressed in detail. Thi . . .
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    Dettmers-Smith, Susan Kay
    The purpose of this project was to provide a manual which will more accurately and specifically define the duties of a Peer Nutrition Counseling Program participant, develop standards for peer counseling, establish a means of evaluation, and act as a . . .
  • Tq57nt73h?file=thumbnail
    Steadman, Michael Charles
    This study is designed as an articulatory manual for ESL instructors. Articulatory descriptions are used to explain the pronunciation of English segmental phonemes. The native language phonological substitutions commonly made by Arabic, Cantonese, Jap . . .
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    Connally, Cynthia Ellen
    An instruction manual was evaluated to determine the effects of tab type, heading placement and practice on time to locate information, number of errors and perceived ease of use. Forty-eight computer programmers from UNISYS Corporation, ranging in ag . . .
  • Hq37vp08w?file=thumbnail
    Berns, Melissa
    The product for this project is a teacher manual for using iPads in the classroom. No matter how much or how little iPads will be used in the classroom, the manual will provide a hand in improving iPad use in the classroom for teachers. The teacher ma . . .