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    Horney, Mark
    This paper describes how students, especially those with learning disabilities, interact with an online supplemental mathematics curriculum. It seeks to understand to what extent, and with what strategies, do students engage in reading, comprehending, . . .
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    Cervone, Davide
    Recent changes in the landscape for assistive technology solutions for Mathematics on the web have prompted the development of MathJax into a single rendering and accessibility solution. We present our current efforts that depend on a novel semantic i . . .
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    Noble, Steve
    This paper discusses the findings from two research studies where middle-school students with learning disabilities used eText containing MathML with assistive technology, and draws conclusion from these combined findings. The University of Kentucky C . . .
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    Soiffer, Neil
    Over the last 25 years, there has been significant progress towards making math accessible. This progress has come from both research projects and software development. We summarize best practices about what has been learned in those years. We also hi . . .
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    Schilling, Mark
    Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative (OLI) has developed a rich suite of open and free (or nearly free) online courses. One of these forms the basis for CSUN’s hybrid Mathematics 140 course in Introductory Statistics. We will provide a brief ove . . .
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    Gaudet, Sarah
    This graduate project focuses on the importance of providing a professional development for teachers on how to effectively implement high-level cognitive demand tasks in K to 5 classrooms. It was found through the review of literature, students are in . . .
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    Sivic, Klemen
    We show that for all $ k\ge 1$ there exists an integer $ N(k)$ such that for all $ n\ge N(k)$ the $ k$-th order jet scheme over the commuting $ n\times n$ matrix pairs scheme is reducible. At the other end of the spectrum, it is known that for all $ k . . .
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    Sim, Woo Young
    The system of equations describing incompressible inviscid fluid in a domain with a free top surface can be shown to be a Hamiltonian system with respect to the two functions that define the wave height and the velocity potential along the top boundar . . .
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    Stevenson, Katherine F.
    Recently, it has been shown by Harbater and Stevenson that a profinite group G is free profinite of infinite rank m if and only if G is projective and m-quasifree. The latter condition requires the existence of m distinct solutions to certain embeddin . . .
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    O'Neill, Alison Munson
    Research findings in early childhood education reveal that children learn while playing. However, dramatic play in academic kindergarten is on the decline. Kindergarten teachers can use dramatic play as a means for constructing conceptual mathematical . . .