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    Pellegrini, Alan John
    Today, many processes involve chemical reactions which lead to complex mixtures. For example, some of these mixtures occur from the synthesis of organic compounds, or from the combustion processes of automobiles, aircraft engines, and rockets. Chemica . . .
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    Watkins, William J.
    This Graduate Project Report deals with the design and testing of a Continuous System Modeling Program (CSMP) written for an Apple II microcomputer. The model to be analyzed using the Continuous System Modeling Program is a Heading Select mode from an . . .
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    Nguyen, Minh Q.
    With the advances in Very Large Scale Integration technologies, the developing trend leans toward the use of faster, more powerful microprocessors and microcomputers in the design of engineering systems. Many of the lastest microprocessors use 16-bit . . .
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    Nguyen, Thuan Duy
    This report provides design details for a microcomputer based test system for printed circuit boards. The use of the test system is shown in an example.
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    Lauritzen, Jon M.
    With the advent of the microcomputer, decisions were difficult, there were a wide variety of hardware choices, and a limited supply of material suitable for classroom use. Those who instructed computer classes had to collect materials from many source . . .
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    Yucikas, Stanley Joseph
    The evolution of computer retailing began with the introduction of the micro computer into traditional retail markets. At first, the stores that sold these new bits of technology did so as an adjunct to their existing businesses. Later on, when the in . . .
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    Ho, Chung Ting
    Microcomputers are found in all areas of modern society. They have become the basic tools for word processing and data file management. A floppy disk drive is necessary for both long term file storage and on-line data support. Since the floppy disk dr . . .
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    Hong, Feichu
    ALI (Ada Programming Language Introduction) is a Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) package. It is designed for users who have no experience with Ada but who have a knowledge of at least one procedural language, such as FORTRAN, Pascal, PL/I, or Algo . . .
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    Knight, Donald Kevin
    This paper involved the design and development of a reconfigureable, microprocessor based hand-held alphanumeric terminal. This report begins with the description of requirements and possible applications for a hand-held portable terminal. Next the de . . .
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    Kaplan, Richard
    Tinytab is a general purpose statistical computing system designed for students and researchers without computing experience. It is flexible, powerful, easy to use, and useful for small to moderate size data sets. It is coded in UCSD Pascal and implem . . .