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    Schaafsma, Nick
    The objective of this project is to measure the accuracy of using a high decibel sound as a reference for synchronizing audio recordings in a system composed of mobile devices and cloud technologies. The implementation is compared with one that only r . . .
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    Vu, Bao
    As Mobile application development has become one of the fastest growing trends in the last few years, this thesis will investigate the development of a mobile application. This paper proposes a design and architectures that would accommodate the users . . .
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    Kaushik, Anku
    The objective of this thesis is to be able to calculate the breath cycle of a human subject as precisely as possible. The breath cycle consists the timed ratios of the breath phases: Inhale - Inner-Retention - Exhale - Outer-Retention. The completed a . . .
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    Subramani, Sabareesh Kannan
    Augmented Reality (AR) is a view of a physical, real-world environment in real-time in which some elements are augmented by computer-generated object such as sound, video, graphics or plain text. Early stages of AR primarily used head-mounted display . . .
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    Kollu, Sindhu
    In modern economic times, everyone wants to save their money and keep expenses with in their budget limit. But, due to our busy schedules in our day to day life, we may lose track of our expenses and end up overspending which leads to debts. In this p . . .
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    Hajiyani, Nadir
    The project is related to “not-for-profits.” These organizations as their name suggest do things for-purpose and don’t have very extensive financial budget for their entire projects. It is expected that they spend most of the money they have towards r . . .
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    Mamilla, Sree Harsha
    For the majority of the social events like football, music concerts and meetups, people tend to go alone. What people have failed to understand is sharing a ride provides an opportunity to reduce pollution, cuts down on gas and oil consumption, and tr . . .