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    Portmore, Douglas W.
    "One thing…all [consequentialist theories] share…is a very simple and seductive idea: namely, that so far as morality is concerned, what people ought to do is to minimize evil and maximize good…. On the face of it, this idea, which lies at the heart o . . .
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    Morgan, Cynthia Gray-Crane
    This study was undertaken to ascertain attitudes toward alternative methods of human conception. A telephone questionnaire was completed by one hundred (100) residents of the San Fernando Valley, California. There were sixty-three (63) women and thirt . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Fiser, Jaroslav
    I investigate whether variations in profit orientation compared to triple bottom line orientation have an explicit moral foundation among business students. An alternative view would be that morality plays no role in support for sustainable business a . . .
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    Chiu, Pik Yu
    China has been developing rapidly in certain arenas such as financial power, international status, and even military foundation. On the other hand, its civil issues are still one of the main concerns people have. This research study provided informati . . .