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    Masters Thesis
    Bowen, Melissa S
    Elvery’s life illustrates how the art world interacted with Ireland’s path to independence and acts as an example of female agency during a time when women struggled for their own independence. Beatrice Elvery’s middle-class status kept her out of eli . . .
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    Henderson-Baskin, Myriah
    The purpose of this study is to highlight the significant impact on families when African American parents are incarcerated. What are the effects of parenthood among incarcerated African American parents? Effects including, psychological, emotional, a . . .
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    Bitton, Tomie Anne
    The Best Thing to Ever Happen to You is a memoir that seeks to explore the dynamics of change in a woman’s life, especially adolescence and motherhood. These stories follow a young woman as she comes of age, capturing and evoking moments when she ques . . .
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    Keables, Jeanette M.
    When We Must Walk in Darkness is a memoir beginning with a Critical Introduction, followed by a collection of vignettes, each one representing a significant moment after my son Tyler’s 2002 near-fatal motorcycle accident. In the Critical Introduction, . . .
  • Work
    Daugherty, Christina Irene
    This research study examines the challenges 15 women reported in their role as mothers and students. The purpose of the study was to explore the barriers many women encounter regarding role conflict from two or more competing social roles, one of whic . . .