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    Elconin, Travis Henry
    In deciding the repertoire for my recital, I had two goals in mind. One was to choose music that represented varying styles and languages, the other was to choose music that best displayed my unique talents as a singer. With these goals in mind, I sel . . .
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    Book chapter
    Stanley, Sandra L.
    It has become a commonplace convention to describe Los Angeles as a city of paradox. In his classic Southern California: An Island on the Land, Carey McWilliams describes LA as a “paradoxical land”; in City of Quartz, Mike Davis entitles one of his ch . . .
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    Levi, Neda
    As a poet, the one thing that I find the most redemptive is the power of confession that language affords me, even though within that power lies a struggle of bittersweet magnitude. My poetic confessions speak to the torrential downpour of an unpleasa . . .
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    Jacobius, Alexander
    Decamp and Go is a twelve-minute work for six instruments: flute, B flat clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass, piano, and percussion. The piece is organized using an expanded and altered simple binary form. In terms of pitch structure, the piece primar . . .
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    Alvarez, Chelsea
    My work is an exploration of music, transposing the acoustic qualities of a song into visual patterns. Music, at its most basic, is an intangible series of vibrations that are interpreted by a listener. It is the interpretation of music that drives th . . .
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    Ross, Gary Macneal
    For some decades music educators and aesthetics theorists have been trying to join forces toward what may be labeled a music aesthetic education. This joining is most often thought to be achieved in music appreciation courses. The above reference to a . . .
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    Walker, Jeffrey T.
    Underprivileged urban youth often face life obstacles that others rarely encounter. These youth are in need of therapeutic services by therapists who can motivate them to attend and participate in provided sessions. Studies have shown that youth who a . . .
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    Plotkin, Joy Monique
    This project is an exploration of the adolescent developmental period and the proposal of music as an effective intervention for the adolescent client. By borrowing concepts and activities from the field of Music Therapy, it suggests that music can be . . .
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    Boornazian, Josiah
    California State University, Northridge, colloquially known by students, faculty, and citizens in the region as "CSUN" (pronounced SEE-sun), features one of the most prominent, competitive, and influential urban jazz studies programs of all the major . . .