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    Luizzi, Vincent
    Of special interest is whether Russian laws, arguably discriminatory to its homosexual population, can figure into an argument that ultimately calls for some action to counteract this discrimination. Many calls to action invoke a comparison with the O . . .
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    Student Research
    Pedroza, Sofia
    The International Olympic Committee parades the Games as a time of international solidarity that transcends politics or social inequality. Content and textual analysis of USA Today articles, however, shows that sports media actually evades a thorough . . .
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    Si, Jiaxin
    More than 35,000 medals have been awarded at the Olympics since 1896. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) retrospectively awarded gold, silver, and bronze to athletes based on their rankings. The dataset we used covers Summer Olympics from 1896t . . .
  • Work
    Fischer, Ali D.
    According to research on sports media, reporters have both gender and racial biases. Women are marginalized in the media (Billings, Halone, & Denham, 2002), and athletes are stereotyped based on race (Banet-Weiser, 1999). These depictions affect t . . .