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    Hill, Eman
    Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is argued by some experts to have the potential to narrow the racial achievement gap between African American students and other racial groups. However, few teachers obtain the necessary experiences to use this reform-orie . . .
  • Work
    Terjimanian, Ike A.
    For decades there exist wide disparities in achievement between Black and Latino students and their White counterparts. This qualitative case study, framed within an interpretivist research paradigm borrowing principles of ethnography, explores the pe . . .
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    Hernandez, Alejandro
    The purpose of this graduate thesis project was to study existing literature and design a classroom of the future. I conducted a thorough literature review to evaluate relevant articles that described different pedagogies, built-environments, and tech . . .
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    Jones, Christopher G.
    Experts now predict that someday the number of wireless-enabled handheld computing devices will exceed desktop PCs. This paper explores the potential impact of this trend on education. Several examples of current and anticipated usage in learning, ins . . .
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    London, Judith F.
    Researchers like Dreikurs, Maslow, Rogers and others have developed theories to explain the psychological, physiological, and academic needs of children. Two opposing theories have emerged to explain behavior and motivation. Reinforcement theory sees . . .
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    Khalighi, Niloofar
    This study is an endeavor to provide an evaluation of our existing knowledge about classrooms and to apply latest technological advances to obtain a better vision of how they should be designed with multidisciplinary usefulness in mind. The Extended L . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Rusch, Cory
    Because the construct of critical thinking in education is so highly valued, substantial resources are invested into critical thinking development, yet no agreed upon general theory or pedagogical approach currently exists. Because critical thinking k . . .
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    Hobbel, Nikola
    Using student narratives, the authors argue for a heuristic tool, the identity project, claiming that identity projects are artifacts of identity as both process and category. Identity projects can offer teachers, researchers, and students insights in . . .
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    Vorhies, Cara
    This mixed methods study analyzes the emergence of a recent learning theory—heutagogy—and studies its relevance to classroom teachers in terms of 21st-century skills and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). There is a lack of understanding within t . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Channel, Adam D.
    This project advocates for the use of frequently-administered, low-stakes tests to enhance student learning of the disciplinary content of composition. Though there is widespread disdain for the role of standardized tests in education today, not all f . . .