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    Zhao, Xing
    This essay conducts a case study centering on Zhang Kechun's award-winning photo series The Yellow River (2013) in comparative frame. The eccentric quality of Zhang Kechun's photography is his treatment of the cultural symbols and allegories associate . . .
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    Castaneda, Victor H.
    Boredom, intuition, and my experiences inform my sculpture, drawings, and photographs. I create otherworldly images by combining found and forgotten objects such as mannequins, street signs, toys, and trash cans. By activating sensory experience throu . . .
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    Goldman, Sandra Joan
    About the photographs: As the shutter of a camera moves in a fraction of a second, it makes permanent a moment in time. The images become trapped in gestures that signify some kind of emotion or attitude, which otherwise might not be seen at all becau . . .
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    Alvarez, Chelsea
    My work is an exploration of music, transposing the acoustic qualities of a song into visual patterns. Music, at its most basic, is an intangible series of vibrations that are interpreted by a listener. It is the interpretation of music that drives th . . .
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    Cavazos, Heather
    My photographs blur ordinary moments I experience with my family to emphasize the brevity of time together. When I was younger, I wanted to fast forward my life; but now that I’m an adult with a family of my own, I have experienced how quickly time pa . . .
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    Estrada, Pablo
    I photograph at work to break up the monotony of my food service job. Photographing alleviates boredom, repetitive motions, and my longing to go home. During my shift, making images helps me concentrate on the work at hand and passes the time in a mor . . .
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    Lauletta, Patricia
    The autumn of my life brought a heightened perception of the ephemeral nature of time. Most people eagerly await the next milestone while growing up, chasing dreams, creating families, and watching children thrive. As my mother's memory fades, I feel . . .
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    Graduate project
    Blank, Malinda
  • Kk91fm208?file=thumbnail
    Howard, Chelsea
    Purpose of the Study: The purpose of this study is to analyze different literary interpretations of the photographic sequence in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. I explain the process of transforming a non-linguistic sign into language in order to interj . . .
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    Graduate project
    McCallum, Jon Lynn
    The Saying and the Said is an exhibition of photographs and poems which investigate the human voice. Being both physical and invisible, the voice is considered as a crux between our internal and external worlds and not merely a carrier of words. My la . . .