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    Timms, Benjamin F.
    Agricultural intensification is a common outcome of increased population densities in areas of land scarcity. Here, a comparative analysis of households relocated from Celaque National Park, Honduras, serves as a case study of intensification resultin . . .
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    Glenn, Mary E.
    The density of a population is an indicator of its relative success when compared to the other populations within the same species. Few studies have examined population densities of Cercopithecus mona in its original range in Africa [1,2]. Previous to . . .
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    Masters Thesis
    Sanchez, Jessica N.
    Diseases are potential threats to wildlife populations worldwide, and recent epidemics have demonstrated their far-reaching impacts. The spread of directly transmitted pathogens is influenced by host contact rates, and host density can alter these con . . .
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    Sharpe, Ryan G.
    Residents, home buyers, planners, and elected officials have differing ideas about how much a home value is changed by potential increases in density due to new development or how much of a premium is placed on the seclusion afforded by lower-density . . .
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    Hoch, Lang
    This thesis addresses the relationship between public health care expenditure and a variety of factors in China during the 1995-2007 period. Research of other countries has found that health care expenditure grows roughly 2% per year, which has been m . . .