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    Heckmann, Scott
    Interpolation is a basic operation required in many Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications. This paper explores a frequency domain approach to interpolation using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Computer programs were developed to perform inte . . .
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    Schindel, Cathy Jane
    This project involves the introduction of software engineering methods and accompanying automated tools to one software development organization. A survey of the literature on tool development and a description of the specific development environment . . .
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    Engbrecht, Diana
    Accidental injuries are a serious health problem of this country today. Statistics indicate that accidental injuries are the leading cause of childhood mortality and disability, and this has remained relatively unchanged in the past decade. Parents or . . .
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    Thompson, Marc K.
    A study of the effects of an algorithm on subsequent program development was conducted. More specifically, the general hypothesis was that if more time was devoted to algorithm design prior to coding, then less effort would be required during the test . . .
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    Schwartz, Roy Michael
    This paper addresses the importance of software for Numerical Control machine tool part program verification and describes the Verifier software system: an interactive computer graphics tool for Numerical Control part program verification, the develop . . .
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    Kamali, Parham
    The Student Flow Information System (SFIS) is designed to assist the departments of the university in estimating the total number of students who are likely to enroll in each course, as well as the total number of students eligible to take department . . .
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    Lord, Janet Tolson
    This study was conducted for the purpose of developing and evaluating a consumer education course in Independent Living at Village Christian Schools, Sun Valley, California. Results of the research could be used to implement a more effective home econ . . .
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    Tsitsivas, Haralambos N.
    This project discusses the design of a Computer Music System (CMS). The Computer Music System facilitates the simultaneous performance of musical compositions compiled with an existing music compiler by controlling the performance hardware (Synthesize . . .
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    Norman, Renee Marie
    This project is a child abuse prevention program for handicapped children. It is designed to be presented in a school setting. This program meets the requirements outlined in the Maxine Waters Child Abuse Prevention Training Act of 1984, Assembly Bill . . .
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    Hsu, Chin-Ming
    An interactive spelling checker and corrector (INTSPELL) has been implemented on the SUN work station under the UNIX operating system. The purpose of this package is to increase the user friendliness of the existing batch spelling checking program, SP . . .